Vitamin Angels Sends Vitamins to Children in Haiti

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Vitamin Angels a non profit organization is responding to the need for vitamins for children affected by the Haiti earthquake. The mission of Vitamin Angels is to make vitamins more accessible to individuals in poverty stricken regions around the world. Along with the charity, Hope for Haiti, Vitamin Angels shipped over 1 million children’s multivitamins to Haiti. In the near future Vitamin Angels will be working to rebuild nutritional security in Haiti by focusing on long-term strategies for alleviating micro nutrient deficiency.

“Having been in Haiti just a few months ago, and knowing the poor condition of the infrastructure before the earthquake, we’ve been immediately concerned about out in-country partners, how the children we are currently working with are doing and how the recent disaster will impact our long-term plans for Haiti,” stated Howard B. Schiffer, President of Vitamin Angels.

Currently Vitamin Angels is promoting two major campaigns. Operation 20/20 distributes vitamin A to lactating women, infants and children. It is estimated that about 190 million children suffer from vitamin A deficiency (VAD) worldwide. Operation 20/20 currently reaches about 10,000,000 infants and children, and another 500,000 lactating women annually in 32 countries on three continents. Every year, around 54 million new children are affected by malnutrition or under nutrition. Vitamin Angels Thrive to Five program distributes 100 million doses of essential micro nutrients annually in 28 countries on four continents, including the United States.

Why are vitamins so important for children? One third of all childhood deaths are caused by under nutrition. Vitamin Angels hopes to end that by making children’s multivitamins available to all infants and children under five.

How can you help? You can spread the word by sharing this article with your friends or blogging about Vitamin Angels. You can also become a Facebook fan of Vitamin Angels or follow them on Twitter. For more information on how you can get involved please visit:

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Vitamin Angels Sends Vitamins to Children in Haiti
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