My Dear Child You Were No Mistake

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When I announced that I was pregnant with my fourth child it took many people by surprise, including us.  Our other three children were 11, 9 and 6 at the time so it seemed as though our family was complete.  I was also 41 years old.  Many people asked if it was a mistake, and almost everyone asked or assumed that the pregnancy was “unplanned”. This word continues to upset me.  I think because an “unplanned pregnancy” bears such negative connotation.  People see it as a “mistake” or something that wasn’t meant to happen.  People would tease us, “Don’t you know how these things happen?”  Yes.  Yes, we do.  However, our faith allows us to believe and trust in what is meant to be.

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We also know that you can plan for things that may never happen.  Having a child is not something you can plan 100%.  It is not really up to us.  Ultimately, it is in God’s hands. When you will have a child, where you will have a child, how you will have a child, if you will have a boy or girl, what your child will look like…I believe these things are not in our control.  I have two red-headed children for goodness sake!  I didn’t “plan” for that. Sometimes plans change and sometimes things we weren’t expecting turn out to be the best things ever.

Saying a child is “unplanned” still really bothers me.  I never want my son to feel that he was a mistake, or that it was not in the plan for him to be here.

My dear child, you were no mistake.  A mistake is something that is wrong.  There is nothing wrong about you.
My dear child, you were a surprise.  You were the most delightful, incredible surprise gift for our family.
My dear child, you were planned.  Your life was in the hands of God all along and only He knew His plan for you.

You were always part of God’s plan.

My dear child, you are a blessing, and we are forever grateful for you.

Naomi PelssNaomi Pelss is a wife and mother of four children age 11 months, 7, 10, and 12. Her youngest blessing came when she was 41 years old. Naomi is the manager of a child care centre, and has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for almost twenty years. She blogs about her parenting journey at Some of her posts are sappy and sentimental, and some of her posts are funny or informative. All of her posts are honest and real.

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My Dear Child You Were No Mistake
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  1. They whole family thought my sister was a little nuts when she had my youngest nephew. She now has 4 boys, and one is very special needs. He’ll never walk, talk, or eat on his own. Her youngest certainly pushes the kid that has special needs. That’s a good thing for sure.

    • Raising a child with special needs like that must be very difficult for your sister. I admire her. Nobody thought I would have five children, I didn’t even think I would have five children. Now I can’t imagine my life without all of them. Thanks for stopping by, Alissa. Have a terrific weekend!

  2. That is a lovely thought and very true.

  3. That phrase “mistake” has always bothered me, too. I don’t think ANY child is ever a mistake! Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrivolity this week!

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