Parenting Tips – Potty Training

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Parenting Tips – Potty Training
By Jared Lee

You can start you child’s potty training when your child is between eighteen months and three years of age. When your child is ready for potty training, you may notice some of these signs.


– Your child can stay dry for at least two hours at a time.


– Your child has regular bowel movements.


– Your child does not feel comfortable with dirty diapers. He may ask you to change his diaper, or he asks to wear regular underwear.


If you child shows these signs, he is ready for potty training. You should praise and encourage him to start potty training. Make him feel special about his growth and accomplishment. Even though you want to encourage your child to start potty training, you want to keep the training at the slow pace in the beginning. Do not push your child too fast. If he makes mistakes, do not punish or criticize him. Your child probably does not do it on purpose. Punishing him will only discourage him. But if he gets it right, you want to give him strong encouragement and praise.


Most parents try to push their children for potty training when they are about two years old. It is important to remember that each child is different. Although age may be used as a determining factor, it should not be the only factor. Your kid will need to have a certain amount of physiologically readiness before potty training. So your kid is not ready, do not punish him. You have to be patient.


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Parenting Tips – Potty Training
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