Weekend Reflection- Crazy Weather in California


What is up with this crazy weather? My week was great and went by fast but the weather has been strange. According to the locals out here typically in May it is warm and sunny with highs in the mid 80’s.

A week ago we had temperatures in the 100’s and this past week it cooled off into the 70’s and was extremely windy. This weekend we have temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s and rain. I checked the weather for back home in Wisconsin and this weekend they are getting thunderstorms and highs in the 60’s and 70’s, so it is very similar. I feel like I am back home. When is it going to get warm? I am ready to clean out my kids closets so they can wear their cute summer outfits.

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  • Napaboaniya , May 26, 2008

    The weather has been crazy over here in Singapore as well, real hot and stuffy with the sudden occasional rain that last for a miserable 5 minutes. Hope you’re cooling off 😛

  • Dorothy , May 26, 2008

    I’m from a suburb of Buffalo, New York..we have the four wonderful seasons however, sometimes we go from winter to summer and miss spring..that I regret..however..so be it better then some of the weather I’ve been seeing on television…My best,Dorothy from grammologyremember to call gram www.grammology.com

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