Weekend Reflection #23


Weekend Reflection

This week flew by way to quickly. July is almost here and I am not ready to celebrate Healthy Moms first birthday yet. I am thinking about postponing it until after the 4th of July.

On Friday I didn’t get home from work until after 7pm so I fell behind on my blog posts. I promise I will try not to neglect my wonderful readers! This next week however I will be away from my computer. That is the biggest reason why I am going to have to postpone my birthday celebration.

Now an update on my three kids.

Courtney had a great week. She is helping her dad more and more this summer with the kids. But we are still trying to teach her responsibility. As a pre-teen she hates to take responsibility for what she does. If we ask her to clean her room, help with the dishes, or help with the babies she would rather complain than listen. We are working on developing that skill every day. When she misbehaves we take her computer privileges away.

Ciara is completely out of pull ups and we are very proud of her. She loves to play copycat and repeat everything we say. It is so cute. When I am getting ready for work in the morning she has to put on make up right along with me. She also follows her sister everywhere. Another one of her favorite activities these days is singing and dancing. She knows her whole alphabet along with several other songs. She is a joy and I wish I could spend more time with her at home.

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Conan will be one in a few weeks. We are planning a Little Einsteins Birthday Party for him at Johns Incredible Pizza. The invitations are sent out and we have all the supplies. That first year went by fast. I am weening him off of the breast and bottle. This is a little challenging since he likes me when he is tired and he prefers the bottle over the sippy cup. I talked to a nutritionist and she said that we should stop the bottle completely and give him formula in sippy cups only. When he wakes up in the middle of the night I still nurse him. That is the only way I can get him to settle down. I know this habit has to stop but I am having a tough time finding an alternative at night. I’ve read that night time nursing sessions are always the last ones to give up on when you ween your child. Hopefully he will be weened by the time he is one.

How was your week?


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