Weekend Reflection #24

This past week has been very different. My friend went back home to Wisconsin on Tuesday. I found out that my job cut my hours and my boss doesn’t want me to continue working for them anyway. The Rite Aid project ended and she said that there won’t be as many hours. I told her that I was the only one working to support my family of five so I needed as many hours as possible. Her response, she told me to go find a different job. So on Wednesday I did.

For a week or two I won’t be working so I’ll have more time to spend blogging. Starting some time in August my husband and I will both be working as merchandisers for Crossmark. We will be merchandising at Home Depot Stores in Roseville. Having the same job as my husband is going to be very interesting. The pay is great and after 90 days we get full benefits. I am excited about starting this new chapter. We will be working from 6 am to 3pm Monday through Friday. Chris is going to leave the house a half an hour sooner than I because he’ll have to take the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s. I probably won’t get to write in my blog until late every night. I have to figure out a new way to budget my time.

Update on the kids. Conan turned one is cutting more teeth and trying to walk. He kept us up late last night because he is getting three teeth on top all at once. We gave him a pickle this evening and that cheered him up. He also took four steps on his own this afternoon. He likes to pull himself up and stand for as long as he can and then clap about his achievement.

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Ciara was a little stinker today. While we were out at the lab getting our drug test done for our new job she decided to go poopy in her pants instead of telling us that she had to go potty. Then she started playing finger pants with it. By the time we got home her legs and feet were covered with poop. And Courtney complained about the smell the whole way home.

Courtney is getting excited because she is leaving to visit Grandma and Grandpa Luther out in Wisconsin on Tuesday. She gets to fly on an airplane all by herself for the first time. Of course I am nervous for her and am going to miss her terribly. At least I know she’ll be in good hands with my parents. She is flying on Frontier Airlines from Sacramento to Denver and then from Denver to Milwaukee. What is ironic about this trip is last year we were thinking about sending her to California for a couple of weeks this summer…that was before we got the foreclosure and ended up moving out here. Funny how things happen.

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