Saturday Morning Ramblings at Christmastime

Sensational Beginnings

No Sleep for Conan and Mommy Too

Well Christmas is almost here. I am sitting at my desk at 5:45 am with a baby on my lap writing this post. So what does that have to do with Christmas? After spending half of the night rocking, walking, nursing and singing to him I haven’t quite figured it out yet either. I have tried everything I know to get him to sleep through the night and nothing has worked. I’ve rocked him to sleep, swaddled him (at 5 months now he is too old for that), gave him his pacifier, used a sound machine in his bedroom, walked him around the house, gave him cereal at bedtime…I think that is it. Nothing will get this kid to sleep through the night. His doctor told me to see how long he sleeps during the day. He thought maybe he has his nights and days mixed up. We can’t even get him to sleep that much during the day! If he takes two naps during the day we are lucky. My husband thinks it is time to stick him in his crib when he is tired and let him cry it out. I am not so sure if I am ready to do that yet. So here I am on very little sleep typing with one hand while the baby sleeps on my shoulder.

Santa is in the Building

I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to afford Christmas this year, but somehow Santa pulled through. The kids went to daycare last night and saw the big man. The day care center offered free day care for the evening as a Christmas present for the parents. We used that time too finish our Christmas shopping for the kids and to wrap presents. I didn’t realize until last night how much we actually got the kids. They each have about three presents from Santa and three from us. I guess they have been good this year.

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My oldest is 10 and she still believes in the magic of Christmas so we had to be extra careful when wrapping the Santa presents. My husband wrote on all the tags and we used special Santa paper. I am surprised that she hasn’t asked any questions yet. I think I was her age when I stopped believing.

It is the terrors second Christmas and despite all the messes she makes she is getting her baby doll with a nuk and stroller to push her in. She is going to have the most fun opening presents. I can’t wait.

It is time for me to end these rambling. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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