Weekend Reflection #38 My Crazy Night

This week was busy to say the least. Christmas came and went here at the Talbert house. The kids got too many toys like usual. Now I need to figure out where I am going to put them all. Meanwhile they are littered all over this tiny little house.

I haven’t been able to write anything lately because after Christmas was over my kids were having a hard time sleeping. Saturday night I decided to sleep out on the couch so I could get up early to write. At midnight my son woke up. After about an hour of getting him settled back down in his crib, Ciara came running down the hallway. “I want you Mommy.” She said. Of course I could not resist that so I let her lay down on the couch with me. I think another hour passed and my daughter decided to go back to her room. Right when she left Conan started crying again. I thought, “Here we go again.” So I went into his room and pulled him out of his crib.

Once I was out the door with my son on my hip I noticed I stepped in something squishy. I thought, Oh, no what is it this time. When I looked at my foot it was covered in cat poop. As soon as I put my son down and started hopping down to the bathroom to clean it up out walked my daughter once again. It was 3 am (my usual wake up time to work on my blog) by the time I got cleaned up and settled back onto the couch with one baby resting on each of my shoulders. No blogging for me that morning.

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