Weekend Reflection #39

I don’t really know what to title this week’s Weekend Reflection post. So it is just numbered. These past couple of weeks kinda merged together for me with Christmas and then New Year’s. Fortunately all the chaos went by rather quickly.

Now I am extremely tired and having a hard time writing at 3 am. I didn’t do my good morning tweet. And I’ve fallen way behind in commenting on blogs. I’ve decided that for 2009 I’m going to organize my blog a little better. I should write down what types of posts I’m going to do for the day instead of the week. I’ve also thought about organizing blog promotion as well.

I have a list of about a dozen sites that I can visit to promote my blog but who has enough time in the day to do all that? So I think I should split them up. Maybe visit one or two per day. That way I have more time to write.

More and more of my friends and family are figuring out my little secret so I might as well announce it to the world. If you’ve been following this blog for a few weeks you’ve heard me complain about how tired I am. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get at night I still don’t feel well rested. There is a reason for this. We recently found out that baby number four is on the way. I’m due some time in August. This was totally unexpected but it is all part of God’s plan so my husband and I are doing well.

I haven’t gotten real sick yet but I feel like I could sleep all day long. I was anemic with my last pregnancy and had to take iron along with my prenatal vitamins so I might be anemic again. That would explain being tired all the time. My mother figured it out last night when we were talking on the phone and she asked me if I was still taking my St. John’s Wart. I told her I couldn’t. So she put two and two together and asked me if I was pregnant again. She said I am just like her. I’m the youngest of five children. I don’t mind having a big family but I thought we were going to stop at three. Guess God had other plans.

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So anyway, we don’t have health insurance so I am scared to death. I don’t know how the state funded insurance is for people like me out here. If I was still in Wisconsin I’d know what to do right away and would have seen a doctor by now. I wanted to wait until I saw a doctor before I told my family but I guess it is too late. A friend of mine is going to come over and help me fill out the paperwork for what they call, MediCal. Hopefully I will qualify. I really should see a doctor. I’m already eight weeks along.

I could write some more, go on twitter and tweet a little, or comment on some of your blogs but I am way too tired for any of that. I hope you all understand. I will try my best to do those things this afternoon. In the meantime I am going to crash on the couch until my kids wake up.


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  • Abi , January 2, 2009

    Congratulations!!! Take it easy…. three kids and a bump is seriously hard work. I get anemic too, it’s exhausting xxxGood luck with MediCal – I’m so glad we have a national health service – it sounds really scary.

  • sheila , January 2, 2009

    Well I guess that explains things, huh? lol. Congrats to you on your expected bundle. Don’t be scared, fill out your Med forms and you’ll get through it alright. That sucks, no health coverage. You poor thing, like you don’t have enough to worry about. Geeez! Everything will work out. Like you said, it’s in some master plan. The important thing is to take it in stride, and try and relax a bit. (if that’s possible with 3 other kids. try. keyword.)Good luck! Now go take a nap!

  • Jennifer , January 7, 2009

    Wow!!! Congrats!! Can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy!! Even though I don’t know you, I’m happy for you!! Yay!!

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