Weekend Reflection #41 Not Having Health Insurance Really Stinks

Ever since my husband and I lost our jobs back in October we haven’t had health insurance. We were both working full time for a large merchandising company. It was nice working with my husband and our jobs provided great benefits for our family. At the end of October the company was facing budget problems and had to lay off about half of their employees in our division on the west coast. The lay offs affected thousands of people.

In November the company realized that they laid off too many people so Chris got his job back but I did not. He went back to work part time with out benefits about a week before Thanksgiving. Now we have to really watch our spending and it is tough. But the worse part is not having the health insurance.

Crossmark (the company he works for) just started offering health insurance for part time employees but Chris hasn’t decided which plan would be best for us yet. He doesn’t want to go into debt with hospital bills when the baby is born. The heath insurance plan that we had when Ciara and Conan were born did not cover all of the hospital expenses. Needless to say, we still have hospital bills that we can not afford to pay. Fortunately they are all under Chris’ name so they won’t affect my credit at all. He is planning on calling them to try to settle as soon as he gets a better paying job. Right now we can not afford to settle his debts.

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Chris wants to make sure that this health insurance will cover most of the hospital expense. We can not afford thousands of dollars for a hospital stay when the baby is born. Also, I have a history of going into pre term labor and have been hospitalised in the past for that. So that is also a major concern. Hospital stays are expensive even if you do have health insurance.

Okay, back to my original point. Not having health insurance really stinks. My husband has had this deep conjested caugh for a week now. It just won’t go away. He’s tried guafisin syrup, this really expensive alka seltzer with musinex and he’s been drinking plenty of fluids. He was up nearly all night again last night. And he is caughing so much that it is making his back hurt. Chris even missed a couple of days of work because of it. I am worried that this may turn into bronchitis if it hasn’t already. If left untreated bronchitis could turn into pnomonia. He needs to see a doctor, but without health insurance I don’t know what to do.

So my original point again; not having health insurance really stinks.


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