Weekend Reflection #48 Our Busy Home

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I had a very pleasant week this week. The weather has been warmer, I have my garden planted and the kids didn’t misbehave as much as they usually do.

I am working extra hard to find more “me” time. My counselor wants me to make sure I have a half an hour to myself every day. I can use this time to shower, brush my teeth, etc. My only obstacle is Ciara. Whenever I want to take a shower she insists on getting in the shower with me. She is only three so usually I let her. But showering with my daughter takes the “me” out of my me time. So yesterday I got into an argument about showering with my three year old. I told her that I needed to take my shower alone. I needed Mommy time. She replied with, “Well, I need Ciara time!” I don’t think she understood what Mommy time means. So I explained it to her and said that I would play with her later and we would do pre-school together. She cried and threw a fit in her bedroom for a while. By the time I got out of the shower she had calmed down. Conan was in his crib taking a nap the whole time. I don’t know how he can sleep through all that noise but somehow he does.

Here’s how a typical day at the Talbert house goes.

3:30 am I wake up and make some coffee then fire up the computer.
5:30 am my husband wakes and we eat breakfast together, drink coffee and watch Fox News. Sometimes Conan is up that early or even earlier.
6:00 am I have to wake my oldest, Courtney so she can get ready for school. Then I work on my blog for another hour.
7:00 am Make Courtney’s lunch, wake the little ones and be out the door by 7:30 to take her to school. Return around 8:30 or 8:45 depending on traffic. (I hate living in a large city!)
9:00 am take a break from blogging and try to get caught up with laundry, dishes etc. while the kids wine for breakfast…feed them? I guess I squeeze that in somehow too.
By 10am I am usually yelling at Ciara about some sort of mess that she made while I was getting the housework done. Some days if she is good we are able to make it to the gym by 10:30. This usually only happens about once a week. If I don’t get to the gym then I blog and do housework until lunch at noon.
12 pm feed the kids lunch, I guess I eat too.
12:30 clean up lunch and put Conan down for his nap.
1:00pm start preschool with Ciara. We read children‘s books, do some worksheets, practice our writing skills, exersise, listen to music and dance..all that fun stuff. I usually only do pre-school with her for an hour or two depending how she is behaving. I try to take a break at 2pm so I can watch the Glenn Beck show on Fox News while I fold laundry.
Some days I have to leave the house at 2:30pm to pick Courtney up from school but usually my husband is able to do that when he gets off from work. If I don’t have to pick her up then I have an hour or so to go outside, take a break or work in my garden. When Courtney and Chris get home, usually by 4pm it is time to get ready for dinner. I try to have dinner on the table around 5pm. If I am busy with my blog or a writing assignment then Chris cooks dinner. We bathe the little ones and get their pj’s on by 7pm then put them to bed at 8. Some nights if they are cooperative I will find the time to visit blogs and leave comments or drop entrecards before I crash at 9pm. If there is a television show on that Chris and I like to watch then I turn the computer off and spend time with him. It is crazy and I don’t know how I am going to manage to add one more child into the mix, but somehow, someway it will be done.

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I would love to hear about how your week went! Feel free to join in on this meme.


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  • Kmommy , March 28, 2009

    Ugh, I can’t believe you get up so early!! I guess if I had the energy I would too, to get some “mommy time”! But I never want to get up at 6:45! And once I get up, so do the little ones.I feel the same way about adding another little one to the mix. I have no time for myself as it is. I get no breaks! 🙂 But I did want a house full of children…

  • Mama1 , March 28, 2009

    Gosh…I thought my life was busy! You certainly do get up early! I didn’t see nap time as part of your daily regime…I don’t know how you can go all day without catching a few z’s. I had to take naps when I WASN’T pregnant and now that I’m pregnant I normally can’t make it 4-5 hours without needing some snooze time. Speaking of a nap… 🙂

  • blueviolet , March 29, 2009

    I think taking a half hour to yourself every day is a wonderful idea!!!!

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