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This week again went by way too fast. Do I say that at the beginning of every WR post? Probably.

My doctor’s appointment or should I say, doctor’s disappointment was on Tuesday. I got there, filled out the paperwork for new patients and was told at the window that my MediCal would not cover the cost of the appointment. I said that was a bunch of bull because I just fixed our income on Monday with my case worker. I told the gal at the window that I shouldn’t have any share of cost. Then she said that my MediCal only covered pregnancy appointments. I replied, “That’s why I am here!” I told her my situation about being nearly five months pregnant and due to our whole lack of insurance it took me a long time to get MediCal so I didn’t get around to seeing a doctor until now. To make a long story short, they do not handle pregnancies at the Sacramento Family Medical Clinic. She gave me a phone number for an OB and sent me on my way. I hate government insurance. I think I am going to go into more detail about this on my political blog.

This week was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to write in my other blog. I did however create a “test template blog” so I could give this one a makeover. I’m still playing with the colors, adding and editing my widgets, creating a new siggie, and new buttons. Once all of that is complete I will launch the new look.

Back to the whole doctor’s appointment/ Medical situation…I called the OB clinic right away and my appointment is on Monday. My mother in law knows where the clinic is located and she offered to take me there. Thank goodness! I can’t stand driving around in this big city, especially on unfamiliar roads.

Chris worked another 40 hours which was great. I’m still wondering how they can switch their hours to full time and get away with not offering any benefits. I was told that it was temporary, but he’s done this for quite a few weeks now. We’ve both been stressed out and concerned about each other. So when we finally got our tax refund from the federal government yesterday I went out and got him a card that said how much I love him (and wrote a sappy letter to go along with it) and he got me a bottle of non alcoholic wine and fresh flowers. No, this was not planned. He had no idea that I had gotten him the card and I didn’t know anything about the flowers and wine. What a coincidence.

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Courtney had a great week at school. We got into a heated discussion on the way to school the other day. I am concerned because she is 12 years old and does not have any common sense. For example, she was getting a plate down one evening and noticed that there was a glass right in front of the plate. Instead of moving the glass before getting the plate down she tried to take the plate out and slide it over the top of the glass. What do you think happened? You are right, she knocked the glass over and it broke. Here’s another example. We were getting ready to leave for school one morning. As I was helping her sister put her shoes on I told Courtney to put her brother in the car. She stood there dumbfounded with her backpack, lunch and a couple of other things she needed for school in her hands. Then she walked around the house chasing her brother. Um, we were leaving. I had to tell her to put her stuff in the van then go and get her brother. You’d think that a 12 year old could figure that out for herself. Not mine. The problem is she daydreams way too much. She isn’t aware of the world around her because she is stuck in her what I call, “little bubble.” On the way to school that day I told her that if this continues she will never be able to learn common sense. People develop common sense by observing what is going on around them. Courtney does not know how to listen to people and she doesn’t pay attention to what they are doing. But she is a strait A student and listens to her teacher all the time. I don’t get it. I also informed her that if she daydreams in front of her peers they are going to get the wrong impression of her and think that she is selfish and self centered. Of course she took all of this way too personally and almost cried on the way to school. Isn’t it my job as her mother to teach her how to be a better person?

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Ciara’s behavior improved this week. I think it was due to the nice weather we had. She loves to play outside. But we are still having problems keeping our clothes on. I swear this girl likes to change outfits every few hours. And in between she would rather run around in her birthday suit! This drives me nuts and I always have to take something away from her in order to get her to listen. For example we had cookies which is something I don’t regularly purchase. So one day I told her if she didn’t put some clothes on Conan was getting a cookie and she wasn’t. This parenting strategy worked! I think it only took her 2 minutes to put those clothes on. In preschool we learned the letter D, the number 4, and all about plants and spring.

Conan is so funny and he is soaking everything up. His is now only talking in complete sentences. You can understand about every word he says very clearly. It is amazing how quickly my little guy learns. During preschool one day I did the counting flashcards with both children and Conan counted all the way up to 20 right along with us. He is also getting more and more interested in going potty. His grandparents have diapers and pull ups for their grand kids. When he was over there the other day he found the boys’ “Cars” pull ups. Conan loves Cars. He told his dad that he wanted to wear one of those. So Chris told him he had to go pee pee on the potty first. Conan went right into the bathroom and Chris put him on the potty. Then he peed! But because he is a boy the pee pee went all over the bathroom. I wasn’t there at the time, but I bet it was a big mess. So, Conan got to wear a pull up. I just have to be more consistent with him but I think he is getting the idea.

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Five Minutes For Mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party this week so I am going to be busy blog hopping and networking with new Moms. I apologize to entrecard readers if I don’t get around to dropping your card. If you are reading this coming from the UBP let me know so I can read your party post! Don’t forget to join in on this meme. I would love to hear about your week!

Sorry I don’t have any photos attached to this today. I am writing on the lap top and all my photos are on our desktop. Maybe I will add some later.



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  • Felicia , March 21, 2009

    I’m sorry about the frustrations at the doctor.. you would think thing could be a little easier!

  • Kristie , March 21, 2009

    You are doing good to understand how your insurance is suppose to work. I usually leave it the doctors office to know how mine works. I’ve tried to figure it all out before, but the insurance company keeps switching things up anyway. It’s all so confusing!

  • Kmommy , March 21, 2009

    Your 12 year old daughter sounds just like my 11 year old daughter! Maybe its the age?? My 11 year old is also a straight A student, but yet she acts like she’s got no clue about anything at home! It makes me insane! 🙂The medical thing sounds so obnoxious! We are on Badgercare, and luckily we haven’t had any issues. Although, we are HMO exempt because we are Native American… but before I changed the status for my 11 year old daughter they had her going to a different clinic than everyone else…

  • Karen , March 21, 2009

    You are a busy gal! I think Courtney might be the type of child who is so smart but has trouble figuring out the common sense things. My husband’s brother was like that. He was a pilot but we joked he didn’t know how to tie his shoes. I say, focus on her good qualities. Home should be the haven where she feels peace. She will get enough grief at school.

  • Jennifer Suarez , March 21, 2009

    Doctor appointments and the costs are enough to make me pull out all my hair! UGH!I’m stopping in to say hi via the blog party! Have a great weekend!Jen from: < HREF="http://www.JenniferSuarez.com" REL="nofollow">www.JenniferSuarez.com<>

  • Miss Eve , March 21, 2009

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog…Have a great weekend! Love, Evi

  • Never2Late2Save , March 21, 2009

    Happy UBP ’09!! I can relate to you with the government insurance. I’ve had to get it twice with my two pregnancies and they denied me the fist time. How can you deny a pregnant 16 year old pregnancy medicaid? Well those days are over. Good luck on your next appointment.I’ll be back on Tuesday for your potty training post. I’m having some difficulties.

  • blueviolet , March 21, 2009

    What a hassle with the insurance and red tape you have been dealing with. You make my weeks seem so boring.

  • Jennifer-LivHealthy , March 21, 2009

    I know we Canadians pay a lot of tax, but I couldn’t imagine having to go through the rigamaroll that you’ve just been through, simply trying to get a doctor’s appointment. My heart goes out to you!Thank goodness you’re an experienced Mom, so you knew that your pregnancy was normal and there was nothing to be concerned about. I hope your appt on Monday goes well!Is midwifery becoming popular in the US? It’s really taken off here over the last 5 years.

  • Amy , March 22, 2009

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like the reflection posts.Have a great party!Amy

  • heidi , March 22, 2009

    Sorry about the doctor’s appt. Govt insurance does generally frustrate. My kids love their birthday suits so I think it is just kids!Good luck!

  • Vinay Rai , March 22, 2009

    I dread going to doctor as well. It sends shiver down my spine besides the doctor robbing me of my hard earned money.

  • Mama1 , March 22, 2009

    Due to my husband having lost his job back in January I am now receiving medicaid for pregnant women via the state of Virginia. Since I am seeing both a primary Ob and going to the MFM I thought there might be some issues but so far so good. I don’t like reciving govt insurance either however in a way it worked out to our benefit;rather than paying 20% for every visit like we were and also for labor/delivery and hospital stay we will have the baby for “free”. My husband and I jest that at leats there are some benfits to being poor!

  • Sue , March 22, 2009

    That must be frustrating about the insurance.Don’t worry so much about your twelve year old, it must be the age. my son is twelve and doesn’t always think either. Hopefully they’ll outgrow that.

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