Weekend Reflection #53 A Whole Year of an Empty Meme

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Well it is official now. I’ve been hosting this meme for a whole year and nobody has participated. Does this say something? Will I ever give up on this? Probably not. It might take another whole year before anyone participates. But I use this meme as my way of sorting through my thoughts and the events that took place over the past week. It is also a great way to document what my kids are doing, their development etc.

So here it is a whole year of Weekend Reflections without any participants. So now it is time for me to do some more begging.

Please, wonderful, fabulous, awesome readers could you please join me in reflecting back on your week just this once? I’m telling you this meme has helped me deal with stress, look back on how much my kids have changed and just sort through everything. You could also use this meme to vent a little if something has been bothering you. I’ve noticed a lot of you vent on your blog. And yes there are other memes for that such as Tuesday’s Ramblings, I think it is called, and Friday Frustrations. I guess this is just another one of those venting meme’s. But nobody is participating!

So to celebrate a year of the Empty Meme I will leave you with links to some of my favorite Weekend Reflection articles.

I hope you find them as amusing as I do!

Weekend Reflection #49 The Chocolate Milk Song
>> Sunday, April 5, 2009
I can not believe that it is the weekend already. Have I said that before? Probably.

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Anyway I have to make this brief because I am writing at 6:30 in the morning and it is Palm Sunday so I need to be at mass before 9.

Sorry I am publishing Weekend Reflection so late. Yesterday was a busy day. I had to clean our messy home and take care of laundry mountain all before 3pm. We had a party to go to that afternoon for a couple of friends of ours who are moving to Denver. Read more.

Weekend Reflection
>> Sunday, December 23, 2007


Christmas is almost hear and the kids are getting excited about Santa. The terror wants a baby with a nuk. The baby just wants Mommy. And the big girl wants some new games for her Nintendo. Dad wants a new job and Mommy just wants some more sleep.
If everyone has been good Santa will provide.

This Christmas has been full of surprises for my family. We have all had our share of colds and lack of sleep. Read more.

Weekend Reflection #25

Friday August 1, 2008

I can’t believe that it is Friday already. This week flew by way too fast. My oldest daughter went on an airplane to Wisconsin on Tuesday. She flew by herself. I already miss her. I’ve been in charge of all of her chores, cleaning the litter boxes. feeding the cats and feeding her fish. Ciara has been sleeping in Courtney’s bed now that she is gone. Today is the first day since she left that I did not call her on the phone. I know she is alright. Maybe I will give her a call later.

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Chris and I both got hired to work full time for Crossmark. They are a merchandising company. We will get paid well and they include benefits. He got an e mail from them today with his new employee number and how he can log into the company website etc. I still haven’t gotten that e mail yet. Read more.

Weekend Reflection #40 We are Going to the Moon
>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

I’m sorry I’m posting this late. This week was pretty busy. I actually stuck with my work plan and blogged for 5-6 hours each day. I saw my traffic go up as a result. Now I know what I need to do to increase my readership on this blog. But, yesterday I decided to do the housework that I was putting off and spend the day with my oldest.

My husband went down to Galt to take a test for a state job and the little ones went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the day. Courtney helped me organize the kids toys and she cleaned her room and Conan’s room. Read more.

Weekend Reflection #34 – Our Kids Say the Funniest Things
>> Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday we were riding in the van coming home from a visit to one of our local malls. My oldest (Courtney, 11) was sitting in the back seat listening to her MP3 player and the two little ones were sitting rather quietly in their car seats. Then Courtney said, “Mom Ciara just pulled a huge chunk of hair out of her head!”

I replied, “Ciara, don’t do that! Why did you pull your hair out?” Read more.

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Weekend Reflection # 32 Random Ramblings
>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

I haven’t figured out what to title this week’s weekend reflection post. Maybe I’ll think of a good one when I finish writing. The week went by way too fast. It seemed like we had too much to do, which doesn’t make sense because this was our first full week without our jobs. Maybe that is what I should title it.

Even though I did not have to get up early to go to work I’ve been extremely tired lately. I might be getting depressed again. But it shouldn’t be effecting me too much because I am taking St. John’s Wart. Read more.


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  • Mama Notes , May 9, 2009

    oh my gosh, an entire year and no participants?! That’s horrible! I will definitely participate for you!! It might not be until later today, but I will do it! 🙂

  • Jenni Jiggety , May 10, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Empty Meme! It is a nice idea…

  • Felicia , May 10, 2009

    How sweet of Mama Notes!!!! I have never participated just because I am afraid to vent sometimes on this blog. I know it is mine.. but I’m afraid that some how it will lead to me being held accountable at work or something (like if I posted frustrations about work). But I love to read your reflections!

  • Felicia , May 10, 2009

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  • On The Verge , May 10, 2009

    Happy Mother’s Day!!


  • Sue , May 10, 2009

    Sorry no one has participated. I get busy on the weekends and sometimes don’t even post esp. on Sundays.

    I wanted to stop by to say Happy Mother’s day!

  • Muthering Heights , May 10, 2009

    I suppose I had never thought my weeks were worth reflecting on…I hope your meme takes off soon!

  • Anissa , May 10, 2009

    Oh I’m so sorry! I’m just getting around to everyone because I have been gone much of the day. I will have to do it next sat. R U still going to do it– I will have to keep notes all week to post next Saturday — I have to keep notes to much goes on over here –LOL. Can I put pictures up to.
    Happy Mothers Day!

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