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Help Support Your Child’s Immune System with Sinupret For Kids

Since the FDA recommends that parents refrain from giving their children under the age of 4 over the counter medications parents are looking for an alternative to help support their child‘s immune system and respiratory function.

Bionorica, the makers behind Sinupret for Kids uses the most innovative technology to create effective and safe remedies. Sinupret is not a drug, but a natural remedy to support the maintenance of healthy sinus, respiratory and immune system function.

Sinupret contains water, maltitol, ethyl alcohol, and cherry flavor so it is safe for children 2 and up. It is also gluten-free.

Sinupret has been clinically tested and recommended by pediatricians in Europe for decades to support upper respiratory health. It is also endorsed by Dr. Sears, a renowned pediatrician and best-selling author.

My three year old daughter suffers from air born allergies in the spring and summer. She also currently has a slight cold. The Sinupret Syrup helped her to breathe easier and she loved the cherry flavor.

Healthy Moms endorses Sinupret as a great alternative to over the counter cold remedies for your children. You can find this product at the following retailers: Rite Aid, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

Sinuate Media, Bionorica, and Healthy Moms wants you to be able to try Sinupret yourself. We are giving away 15 sample packs of the syrup to lucky readers. The sample packs will include:

• A copy of Dr. Bob Sears bestselling book “The Healthiest Kids in the Neighborhood”
• A sample of Sinupret
• Yellow children’s binoculars
• Sinupret for Kids Activity Books

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• Sinupret for Kids Stickers
• Mini Plush Bear

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This contest has now ended. I will no longer accept any new comments.

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