Weekend Reflection # 52 The March of the Snails

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This week went by rather quickly like usual. I still can not believe that it is May and I have two more weeks to go until I am in my third trimester. I will finally have my long awaited ultrasound on May 20. Chris doesn’t want to find out what the baby‘s gender is but I am torn. I agree it was more fun not knowing but part of me wants to know. I still think that I am having another girl, but it would be nice to know if I am correct or not.

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. The snails decided to take over our garden and have eaten a lot of my plants in the process. After replanting two times this week I finally armed myself with a big bag of snail and slug bait. One good thing about these slimy creatures is that you can predict when they are going to attack. They only show up if there is plenty of water around. Now that I know their strategy I think I am winning the war on the snails. It has been raining for two days strait and I only saw two alive ones today.

Chris is working 32 hours a week now. Unemployment is still rising out here in California and he is having a hard time just finding jobs to apply to. He needs something that will pay a little more, give him full time hours and benefits. There just isn’t very many jobs like that out here. For now we are just going to have to accept how things are and hope that something will come up soon.

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Courtney is looking forward to the end of the year field trip to our local water park, Sun Splash. But I don’t think she is looking forward to summer vacation. She says that she loves school. Strange, huh? So we have her signed up for a college writing course. She loves to write. I think I may have a future blogger in the family! Although she isn’t into journalism like I am yet.

Ciara had a pretty normal week. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened with her. We are still having a hard time trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. This has to change once the baby is born. I am running out of ideas, though.

I am having a hard time potty training Conan. He is so smart and my mother-in-law thinks that it shouldn’t be too difficult to get him trained. But it is. I don’t know if it is because he is a boy and I am not familiar with training boys or if he is just too stubborn and doesn’t like anything that I’ve tried. I swear I change my strategy with that boy on a weekly basis. Maybe that is where I am going wrong. This week I got him some training pants. You know the kind that are thick cloth like cloth diapers. Maybe then he’ll have a better understanding of how it feels when he is wet. I’ve thought about letting him run around naked with the potty chair sitting out. But if he is naked than Ciara will want to do the same. I can’t have two toddlers running around naked. I can’t let him do that in the back yard yet either because it is supposed to rain all week. Yuck! I feel like I am back home in Wisconsin.

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That is pretty much how my week went in a nutshell. If you are joining us for Weekend Reflection be sure to leave your link so we can find you! I would love to find out how your week went.


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  • Kristie , May 3, 2009

    I can’t believe the problems you have with snails! Did you have problems with snails in Wisconsin?

    My mom always says that potty training boys is harder. She thinks they tend to be more easy going and are just as happy letting mom do everything for them. Blake doesn’t seem to care about being independent yet, so I’m worried that also means he won’t care to potty train. I hope I’m wrong! LOL! 🙂

  • Really nice blog , Keep it up with your blogging. Really cool good luck and go ahead with your blogging.

  • Cascia , May 3, 2009

    I didn’t have any problems with snails in my garden back home. The biggest problem I faced their were the bugs. There are a lot more bugs out in Wisconsin than out here. I was constantly dusting the vegetables with bug killer. Out here I don’t have to worry much about bugs. I don’t know what is worse, the bugs or the snails.

    I think your mom is right, Kristie. It is so much harder to potty train Conan. He likes to sit on the big potty but it is under his terms not mine. And he lets his Daddy put him on the potty but not me. I don’t get it. Yesterday Chris put him on the potty and he sat for 20 minutes. He didn’t want to get down. But he didn’t go either. I think Daddy needs to do the potty training. I hope you don’t have a hard time training Blake.

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