Aromatherapy For Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for moms to share with their babies, but painful breasts due to dry, cracked nipples, clogged milk ducts, or mastitis (infected breast) can really put a damper on maternal joy! Certain essential oils can be beneficial in soothing skin, reducing inflammation, and fighting infection.

Dry, Cracked Nipples:
A drop or two of Geranium EO or Sandalwood EO diluted 50:50 with rosehip seed oil or virgin coconut oil massaged over breast between feedings. Because residues may be left behind on the skin when your baby nurses, be sure that the essential oils used are supplement grade and safe for internal use like those I linked above.

Clogged Milk Ducts:

A drop or two of Frankincense EO or Lemon EO diluted 50:50 with grapeseed oil (a lightweight carrier oil) massaged from armpit down through clogged area in long sweeping strokes. Follow with a very warm, damp compress like a wet wash cloth if ducts are just clogged without any infection or inflammation present. I found great relief using this method!

Mastitis (Infected Breast):

Breast Blend # 1

3 drops Thyme or Tea Tree EO

7 drops Young Living PanAway EO Blend

1 tsp grapeseed or jojoba oil

Breast Blend #2

3 drops Lemon EO

4 drops Thyme or Tea Tree EO

2 drops Young Living Purification EO Blend

1 tsp grapeseed or jojoba oil

Massage either of these blends on the breasts and under armpits daily. If these blends are too stimulating at night, Lavender EO or Roman Chamomile EO can be diluted 50:50 in a carrier oil for bedtime and overnight use.

For more information about the healing benefits of aromatherapy or to order the pure therapeutic/medicinal grade essential oils featured in this post, please visit my website.

These tips are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care provider in the case of severe discomfort or infection.

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