Say It Forward Follow Me Friday Week 21

I always combine these two memes because they are very similar. Say it Forward was started by Five Minutes For Mom and is a carnival recognizing top commenters. Follow Me Friday was started by On The Verge and recognizes followers. The woman who started On The Verge is no longer blogging, so this will be the last time I will be linking to her blog. I believe that followers or subscribers and comments are equally important so I will feature both.

Mom Blogs

Mama Zen from the Zen of Motherhood recently made it to our top commenters list. She describes herself as, ” Mom to Baby Puppy. Wife to Daddy Zen. Keeper of the Geckos.”

The Zen of Motherhood is a very interesting blog about her life as a mom and her pet geckos. She also writes product reviews and hosts giveaways. If you are looking for another great blog to read be sure to add this one to your daily reader.

Congratulations Mama Zen! Don’t forget to visit Five Minutes For Mom and grab your award badge.

We love getting new followers. Every week this blog gets about 5-10 new followers. Hopefully this will grow even more. This week I will say a little bit about one of our valuable followers.

Lindsey from My Household Junk is a recent follower of Healthy Moms. Lindsey states that she is, “Professional procrastinator. Pogo junkie. Mom. Poet. Broom whisperer. Laundry hater. Boo boo kisser. Addicted to Dr. Pepper. Tattood mama. Avon Lady!” Her blog is about her life as a mom, parenting tips, news stories that are important to Moms and she shares some great products from Avon. If you are looking for a good read visit My Household Junk and add it to your daily reader.


If you haven’t visited these blogs stop by and say hello and congratulate them for being featured on Healthy Moms. Have you added us to your Google Friend Connect yet? Follow Healthy Moms and you never know you may see your smiling face here next week

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