Say It Forward Follow Me Friday Week 23

I always combine these two memes because they are very similar. Say it Forward was started by Five Minutes For Mom and is a carnival recognizing top commenters. Follow Me Friday recognizes followers. I believe that followers or subscribers and comments are equally important so I will feature both.

Mom Blogs

I noticed that we have a new fan on our top commenters list. Today I will introduce you all to Ceeceeblogger. Ceeceeblogger describes herself as a mom with “two sons and two daughters and a granddaughter my husband and I are crazy about. I enjoy traveling, going to Disney World, my rescue cat Chloe, reading, cooking, baking, and the computer. I spend a lot of time tending to my parents. My dad is housebound, and I spend as much time as I can with him.”

Her blog is a documentation of giveaways from across the web. Thank you and congratualtions to Ceeceeblogger for being a top commenter her on Healthy Moms. Don’t forget to head on over to Five Minutes for Mom to grab your badge.

We love getting new followers. Every week this blog gets about 5-10 new followers. Hopefully this will grow even more. This week I will say a little bit about one of our valuable followers.

This week I will introduce you to Sherry from Living and Learning.

Sherry describes herself as, “lifelong learner and facilitator of my five-year-old son’s endless quest for knowledge.” She has an ad free blog where she writes about her every day adventures with her five year old son.

Thank you Sherry for following Healthy Moms. If you haven’t visited her blog yet stop on over and say hello. Tell her that she is featured over here on Healthy Moms.

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