Weekend Reflection #56 – Preterm Labor, Impossible 3 Year Old, and New Outlook for the Future

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It’s time once again to reflect on the past week. What were some of the positive things that happened? What really bothered you? Did you laugh? Cry? Stand on your head? Whatever you did this past week I want to hear it. Writing down all the crazy things that happened over the past week is a good way to deal with stress. As our lives get busier and busier along with it is stress. It is time to let it all out so you can enjoy your weekend. Grab the button code, make your blog post and don’t forget to leave your link with Mr. Linky!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this meme for 56 weeks now!

This week went by rather quickly and I was busy like usual. I think that is how I started last week’s Weekend Reflection. Anyway, it seems like there was always something going on each day. But now all the days seem like a blur so I get them all confused.

One morning Chris slept in so I had to pick Courtney up from school. I still can’t remember which day that was. I had a home visit from Birth and Beyond, got a phone call from the OB clinic stating that my iron is low so now I have to take iron pills too, I’ve had diarrhea on and off all week along with contractions, Ciara has been impossible all week…okay now I am just listing randomly. Let me explain this all a little better.

My home visit with Birth and Beyond went pretty well. I filled out some more forms and answered a few more questions. Then she said that the county is cutting funding and several people in Birth and Beyond are going to lose their jobs. They are also going to have to shut down a few of their offices and might end all the home visits. Funding is being cut all over this state. So they made t-shirts and are going to protest downtown during the hearing regarding this issue. It is sad. She told me that their main mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect. When they closed down one center in the area it effected over 100 families and the child abuse and child death statistics for that area went up. The county also wants to cut the data entry person who tracks all that information.


I have not been feeling the greatest this week. I am always tired, can’t eat much without getting diarrhea, and my contractions are getting harder and harder for me to control. Welcome to the third trimester! I always have the worst time during my third trimester. When I was pregnant with Ciara I was hospitalized for pre term labor and dehydration about three different times during the last few months, but she was still born five weeks early. With Conan, when we found out we were having a boy the doctor wanted to play it safe and he put me on bed rest when I was about 28 weeks. I remained on complete bed rest with medication to help prevent contractions until I was 36 weeks. He was born two weeks later and was considered full term. When I was pregnant with Courtney my water broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks. She was my tiniest baby and only weighed 4lbs 9 oz. We had to take her to the doctor’s to get weighed every day until she was over 5lbs. So with all this diarrhea and contractions that I am having I am kind of worried about this one. Also we are having another boy but this clinic hasn’t taken any precautions to prevent preterm labor unlike my old doctor. Hopefully my son will hang in there for at least 6 more weeks. Until then I will try to get more rest and drink more water. Oh, and my back is killing me because of all the contractions. And the kids did something with my heating pad! I hope I find it this weekend.

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Ciara is getting harder and harder to control. I swear she is going to make me lose my mind. Yesterday I think I sent her to her room every 20 minutes. I quit counting to three with her. Now it is just, “Go to your room.” The problem is she is so independent for being only 3. I know I should encourage her independence but it is getting her in trouble. For example, she likes to help herself to the refrigerator which should be fine but she helps herself to all the wrong foods! She likes to take the Smart Balance out and eat it strait out of the tub. One day she and Conan got the granola out of the pantry and had it all over the floor. She doesn’t ask me for a snack anymore. Instead she just helps herself and it is either to something that isn’t that good for her or she makes a big mess. She is also a little bully. Yesterday she was laying on top of her little brother and it looked like she was trying to strangle him. I have no idea why she would do this. She also has done these things to him, bit him, chased him with a stick, took toys away from him, took his blanket from him and she pushes him nearly every single day. He is a very sensitive little boy so he doesn’t always stick up for himself. Instead he cries. I don’t know if she is looking for that reaction or what. I am afraid that she is going to seriously hurt him one of these days. And how is she going to be around the baby?

Courtney is almost done with school. Her last day is Thursday. Yesterday the sixth grade went to our local water park, Sun Splash. She mostly stayed in the Lazy River with her friend who is not a very good swimmer. Even though there were a few water slides that Courtney would have enjoyed I am proud that she stuck with her friend. They also performed a little play for the first graders on Thursday, Pecos Bill. I remember reading the book when I was a kid. During the last week of school they are going to do some cleaning, watch a movie and have one more performance of Pecos Bill. I remember the last week of school when I was a kid. We always had fun things to do to end the school year.

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Chris got a new job with Dish Network. I am so excited! The pay is about the same as what he is making now but we will finally have medical benefits and he will be working full time. Our income will remain the same, which is fine, but the benefits is what I am excited about. No more goofy MediCal! Also Dish Network is a large company with offices all over the country and they told him that after a year he can transfer anywhere in the US. Our goal is to move back to the Midwest a year from now and it looks like it will be reachable! He is also going to try really hard to prove to them how good of a worker he is. Hopefully when he transfers it will be more than just a transfer. We would like him to be able to get a promotion and a raise when we move. We’ll see!

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  • Tiaras and Tantrums , May 30, 2009

    oh man girlie – do you have anyone around to help you out a bit?? I know this is almost impossible to do with three little ones – but do TRY to sit more!!! And DO drink loads of water!! As to the pantry – my kids used to do that too – there is this heavy latch thing you can buy and put up way at the top of the door – we have that and the children can not open the door – I know it may seem extreme – but I don’t want my kids going for the chips (or granola) without me knowing it!

  • Cascia , May 30, 2009

    I don’t have a whole lot of help around here. My in laws are here but I don’t feel comfortable calling them to help me every single day. That is why I can not wait until my 12 year old will be done with school. She’s going to be my big helper. Thank you for the suggestion for the pantry. I’ll have to look into that. I am trying to drink more water. But my kids usually get a hold of it before I finish it. So I am trying to tell them that it is Mommy’s drink and it is for Mommy and the baby. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. It is tough but I am hanging in there.

  • Andrea , May 30, 2009

    Wow, to have three kids already and be pregnant with all of the discomforts and pre-term labor fear. . .you should get a major award!!!! Or, at least a day at a spa! I know firsthand how it’s hard to pamper yourself with no help or extra money, though. Hopefully your daughter is going through a phase that will end soon. . .I will pray that things get better/are better once the baby arrives!!! I wish I had some tips but obviously I am not there yet – I will have to turn to you for advice when Logan is three! On the bright side, that’s wonderful your husband got a new job with benefits. I really hope you get to move back to the Midwest!

  • Mama Zen , May 31, 2009

    I had that same constant battle with dehydration and preterm labor in my third trimester. Drink that water!

  • Michelle , May 31, 2009

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you don’t go into labor to early. Try and keep off your feet as much as possible. I know, easier said then done with little ones around to take care of. Take care.


  • Midwest Mom , June 1, 2009


    That iron should help with the diarrhea, honey. Get some rest if you can.

    It seems like Ciara might be needing attention. I know my oldest sometimes feels needy and gets my attention by acting out. You might try finding a 15 minute block of time you can devote just to her. Let her know it’s your special time together and put her in charge of how to spend it. With another baby coming, she is probably feeling anxious.

    It’s good to hear about your husband’s job and the fact that you might be moving to the Midwest!! (You know it’s one of my favorite places.) ;D

    I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Be well. – Julia at Midwest Moms

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