Eating out+kids=DRAMA!

We usually go out to eat on Fridays. Last Friday being no different, we decide we will go to a local bbq place. By the time we get there we are starving. Makenzie is being fussy but nothing that bad, so we figure she is just hungry. We order our food and go sit down and wait on them to deliver it. Meanwhile, Makenzie starts screaming bloody murder like someone has cut off her left arm. David offers her a sip of his coke (which usually calms her down), and she proceeds to knock it out of his hands into the floor as she screams “NO!” His coke then EXPLODES all over our side of the restaurant. Seriously- the coke was spewing out the top where the straw was… I picked Makenzie up and took her outside and tried to calm her down while the staff at the restaurant mopped the floor next to our table. I see our food arrive and Makenzie has mostly calmed down, so I go back in and see if she will eat. Not so much. She continues to whine, but isn’t screaming like she was before- so I thought I’d just hold her and try to eat what I can of my food.

When I think it just can’t get any worse- Devin starts coughing. He then PUKES. Projectile. Like 3 feet in front of the table. Apparently the whole time I was outside with Makenzie calming her down, Dave lets Devin drink a whole glass of tea. Never a good idea. It makes all my kids puke if they drink too much too fast. The whole restaurant cleared out after that. Guess they just weren’t feeling like eating anymore!

I wanted to cringe, but instead I laughed. In fact, I couldn’t STOP laughing. We packed up what was left of our food and left- just after we told the staff that they were lucky enough to get to mop up after us yet again. The older kids were soooo embarrassed. I am pretty sure the staff at that restaurant now has a picture of our family and has been adamantly told NOT to ever let us in the doors again!

Oh yeah- and of course. The minute we get home, they are fine. Seriously, perfectly normal. Running around the house giggling, laughing and having the best time EVER.

Note to self- never eat out again. At least till the babies are grown…

Have you ever had a crazy experience like that? I’d love to hear it… comment and share!


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