Hooded Towels make my Motherhood!

When I first became pregnant, I could not WAIT to shop for all those adorable baby clothes. I didn’t even know what the sex was when I finally broke down and picked up three little yellow outfits at 20 weeks. By 22 weeks, we knew we were having a boy, and I had begun to realize that I was going to go a little crazy on the baby items I felt I “had” to have. So, as any new mother does, I set about making a list…as list of the items I felt I and my son-to-be could not live without. I was very particular, and my list ended up filling only one page. And then I showed my husband…

What is it about men anyway?! Here we are pregnant as can be with all of our hormones telling us to set up the nest and our mates go around fussing about expenses or asking what exactly would we USE “such and such” FOR!
Anyway, I remember the very first thing on my list that we quibbled over was a changing table. I was adament that I could not imagine changing my child‘s diaper without a changing table. I pulled out every excuse I could imagine: it would save me from having to squat or bend over, it would keep all the diaper accessories in one designated spot, it would house ALL of Kaius’ clothes, etc. My husband was equally adament that we simply could not afford to give up wall space in our bedroom for what he considered to be a worthless piece of furniture. He wouldn’t budge! Not even when I found several perfect ones for $20 or less on craigslist.com. After a few weeks, I realized that I actually DIDN’T need a changing table and after Kaius was born, I saw no need to ever have one.
We co-sleep, so while a crib was never on our list, we really really wanted a Snuggle Nest co-sleeper. We received one as a gift at my baby shower, and we had every intention of utilizing it. Kaius went right to sleep when we laid him in it that first night, but we had already made the mistake of napping with him on our chest. When he awoke two hours later for midnight snack, he refused to go back to sleep unless one of us held him on our chests. A few weeks later, I actually dropped off the Snuggle Nest at a local Goodwill.
So, what from our list could I ACTUALLY not live without? My hooded baby towels. Isn’t that odd? I could totally use normal towels…I have in times of built up laundry, but having that hood is SUCH a lifesaver. I have always taken Kaius directly into the tub with me, and being able to easily swaddle him one handed is a lifesaver.
I was sent a hooded towel when I was around 25 weeks pregnant, and I actually made some comment like, “What a waste of money!” At 37 weeks, I became paranoid that I was going to go into labor early, and I ran out to Baby’s R Us with my last minute list to which I had added ‘Hooded Baby Towels’. I grabbed a 3 pack, and I have never regreted it. When I take Kaius to the beach or the pool, it’s incredibly handy to have a towel that is soft and easily swaddles.
For any of you preggos out there who are building up your own lists of ‘must-haves’. No matter how much you think you could skimp on the hooded towels—DON’T! Trust a Mama 🙂
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