Introducing 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil from Reynolds Wrap

Help the environment by using 100% recycled aluminum foil from Reynolds Wrap. My husband the chef, and I recently used this new product from Reynolds Wrap and loved it. Not only is it environmentally friendly it works just as good as the original Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.

Reynolds Wrap 100% Recycled aluminum foil can be purchased at your local grocery store. Be sure to visit their website and facebook site for more information and valuable coupons.

Below are a few additional facts about Reynolds Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum:
-It is a food-safe foil made of a mix of post-consumer aluminum (can include stadium seats, automobile components, cookware, gutters, siding and used beverage containers) and industrial aluminum (such as scraps from industrial cable)
-It has the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from the Reynolds Brand, making it perfect for wrapping lunches, snacks and leftover foods to keep food fresh, and lining pans and baking dishes to cut back on cleanup and save water.

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