MOM FIX LOW BACK PAIN WITH FITNESS – part 2 Stretch and Roll

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by Jacqueline Gradish- BABY BUMP FITNESS

Many moms suffer in silence with low back pain. I am not exaggerating by say ALL MOMS will suffer some kind of back pain from caring for her children. Many feel it’s just another part of motherhood, but they don’t realize with a few key exercises and stretches they can prevent and fix their low back pain with fitness. This is part 2 of a 2 part series on MOM FIX LOW BACK PAIN WITH FITNESS, refer to PART 1, for the 5 key exercises. Today I will show a video with the support stretches and foam rolling moves to fixing low back pain with fitness. The 5 key exercises are designed to strengthen muscles needed to prevent and fix low back pain. The foam rolling and stretches show which muscles need to be released to get the most out of your 5 exercises and prevent further overuse and instability injuries.

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MOM FIX LOW BACK PAIN WITH FITNESS – part 2 Stretch and Roll
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