I’m sitting here with one hand on my baby boy and the other pecking away at the keyboard in an effort to extend this “mommy-moment” as long as possible. I love these precious, stolen moments when all is still and quiet, and my thoughts come in full, well-formulated thoughts. Have I mentioned that I am the mother of a 6 month old? Have I mentioned that I spend most of my day chasing after a destructive, crawling bullet that knows no bounderies? “Ahhh, ” you say “You might as well kiss any time to yourself good-bye because in the next few months that baby will be walking and there will be no more stolen moments of quiet.” If I have learned anything along my (so far) brief journey in motherhood, it is that you can ALWAYS make time for yourself. Rather, you HAVE to make time for yourself.

Taking the time to regroup and reclaim your inner self is necessary to a mother’s sanity. It is simply impossible to be a patient, understanding ‘Mommy’ if you blame javascript:void(0)your baby for stealing away your ME time. However, as any mother will tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems to escape from ‘Mommy-ville’. You could pass your child on to your partner or a fellow, trusted family member, but without a doubt your baby will know the difference and (in those early days) the guilt of handing your child off to anyone other than yourself could be enough to ruin what little time you do take. I remember when I decided that I was ready to start exercising again at 4 weeks post-partum. I gave Kaius a fresh diaper, fed him until he was in a milk coma, and left him in the capable hands of his Daddy. And then, I thought about him…I thought about him constantly for the entire hour I was walking, jogging a treadmill, and climbing a stair-stepper. When I returned home, my baby was crying, my breasts were dripping milk, and I was certain that I would never be able to steal time for myself again.

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Today, I left Kaius for 2 hours with his Daddy for the first time in several weeks. This time, I came home to a happy baby and a relaxed husband. Tonight I am sitting in bed next to my babe while he sleeps soundly, and I am thinking my own thoughts. I have discovered that I CAN find time for myself…sometimes that time will be apart from Kaius, but more often than not, I will find myself relaxing right next to my babe. Honestly, it’s better this way.

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  • armyfamilyok , July 20, 2009

    Oh I do miss those times. However, I find that there's new things to replace them. Never quite the same, but just as special and precious.

    Time is just so precious and it goes far too fast.

  • Momisodes , July 21, 2009

    I couldn't agree more. Finding “me” time is so important. Even if it's only for 15-20 minutes of being detached. I find I need it, and even my daughter needs it. It's never easy to be around the same person 24/7.

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