My daughter, the Poet

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My middle daughter, Madison, came downstairs with this in hand…


Her eyes are like the ocean,
endless and deep blue.
Her smile is like the sun,
it shines down on you.
Her red hair reflects the light
that shines from her fair skin.
When she laughs and talks,
her beauty shows within.

Her beauty blinds the people
that dare cross her way.
One look from her could kill
a mockingbird,
but she doesn’t believe the
words I say.
She is unique and one of a kind.
Someone as loving and caring
as her is hard to find.

She always puts others first,
and ignores how she feels.
Her work will soon be rewarded-
all of her cleaning and prepared meals.
Her life are her loves,
the ones for whom she cares.

Waves will crash around her
but her will is strong and will not tear.
She deserves more than
people can give.
But luckily she will not die,
through her legacies she will live.

How sweet is that?! I guess I’m doing something right at this job I call Mom 🙂


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My daughter, the Poet
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