Potty Time Tuesday | How To Potty Train While Travelling

Whether you’re taking a short trip, going on vacation or just strolling around the mall over the weekend, your child’s potty training continues. Travelling with a child who is in the process of being potty trained can be overwhelming, and while it does have some challenges, you and your child can still continue the process. You can even enjoy going out more when you become more confident in letting your child tag along.
Planning ahead is important for parents when taking trips with kids in mid-training. Make a list of all the things that need to be packed, including familiar items such as a potty seat, a book, training pants, wipes, a progress chart and a toy or stickers to mark accomplishments along the way. These may help your child feel more secure and comfortable when they are in a foreign environment. Remember that for your child, potty training in the house and in public places is two entirely different matters. It can be very intimidating.

Plan your trip. When your child feels like urinating, he probably will. So for longer road trips, check the map and make sure your itinerary has adequate public rest stops and places where there are restroom facilities. For short trips, know in advance where the restrooms are in malls and shopping centers. Make a mental note of which stores that you’ve been to before have good, clean restrooms, and which ones don’t.

Make regular visits to public toilets even if your child does not have to go. It will allow him to decide if he is going to go or not, and he’ll be able to see that using public toilets is normal.

You must be consistent at all times. Create a potty training daily routine. Children may forget or ignore their body instincts if their attention is caught up on some interesting things along the road. Slowly walk them to the restroom and tell them that we use the bathroom when the need arises.

The world outside your house is unfamiliar and exciting to a child, and he may feel uncomfortable or nervous in new surroundings. Help him feel as safe and “normal” as possible when attempting to potty train him outside the home. If you can, bring a potty training book or a favorite toy. If possible, pack your child’s potty seat so that he will feel comfortable.

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