Weekend Reflection #62 | Time for me to Vent

It’s time once again to reflect on the past week. What were some of the positive things that happened? What really bothered you? Did you laugh? Cry? Stand on your head? Whatever you did this past week I want to hear it. Writing down all the crazy things that happened over the past week is a good way to deal with stress. As our lives get busier and busier along with it is stress. It is time to let it all out so you can enjoy your weekend. Grab the button code, make your blog post and don’t forget to leave your link with Mr. Linky!

A lot of my readers have their own meme’s to vent on. Well, this is mine.

I’ve had a rough week but today was the worst. My bed is getting more and more uncomfortable because the mattress is so hard. It is adding extra pressure on my hip and I wake up so sore. So this morning I got up around 6am tired, and sore and crashed on the more comfortable, soft, couch. But an hour later Conan woke up and was whiny for nearly an hour.

When my husband got up around 8 I begged for him to help me with the kids. (Ciara was up by then) He doesn’t have to be to work until 10 so I thought he had plenty of time. Well, he didn’t help out hardly at all and left me at 8:30 with three tired and cranky kids. Guess who else was tired and cranky? Yours truly.

Courtney and I got our showers in by 10am but that was when the screaming began. I was trying to edit my new template but couldn’t concentrate because all three kids were making way too much noise. Chris had asked Courtney to do the dishes so I told her over and over again that she should start them. When she finally agreed to starting the dishes it took her 20 minutes to get off of her butt and get her hands wet!

Meanwhile the kids were being naughty. Conan decided to wrestle with my cat but the cat won. So I had to tend to a little boy with blood dripping off if his face. And I had to fight with him to keep his band aids on. I won and he kept them on for about four hours. Sorry I don’t have any photos.

Ciara was acting like a little devil like usual. After she took a shower she refused to put her clothes on. Then she took Conan’s pull up off so they were both running around in their birthday suits. I was way too tired and impatient by then to do anything about it.

I was also a little upset with Chris because I asked him to get things ready for the baby for me on his days off. Yes I am nesting and ready for my baby, but the house is not! This morning the new bassinet was still in it’s box, the baby swing is nowhere to be found and I hadn’t even begun to pack my bag. So I called my father in law to help me out.

Of course, when he got here all three kids were acting like little angels. I put the bassinet together with a little help from Courtney. My father in law tried to find the baby swing but couldn’t. At least the little ones got a nap in when he took them with him to the storage facility.

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Now it is 6:15pm and the kids are playing nicely with the noisy toys. The bassinet is together, the swing still is nowhere to be found, and I have a bag packed for CJ. I’ll have to pack a bag for myself tomorrow when I will be alone! The kids are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Thank goodness!

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