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Fun Adventure Teaches Children About the Digestive System

Dr. Heather Manley, a naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Hawaii has put together this wonderful adventure workbook and audio CD about two sisters, Merrin and Pearl, who travel through their baby brother’s digestive system to take out a penny that he has swallowed. The Human Body Detectives is designed for homeschooling parents, families and teachers as a tool to teach their kids about science and the human body.

The first book in the series, The Lucky Escape, comes complete with stickers and fun activities for kids ages 6-12. Your child will have fun while learning about the digestive system and how it works.

The workbook also has helpful information on healthy food choices. Dr. Manley encourages children to eat a colorful variety of foods. She also explains what each color does for your health. For example, “red foods support the immune system, protect your brain, and are anti-inflammatory.”

My children loved the story and the book is also a lot of fun and teaches about the digestive system and eating right. I am looking forward to listening to more creative adventures in this series.

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