Fun and Creative Recipe Box Teaches Your Kids About Healthy Snacking

Do you have small children who are constantly nagging you about snacking throughout the day? My little ones are grazers. Young children need to eat periodically all day and grazing is very healthy. However, my kids tend to ask for snacks that are full of sugar and empty calories. Children who eat healthy snacks are more likely to eat a good meal as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if your children asked you for some avocado for a snack? I bet you would be thrilled if your child sat down to eat a rice cake or decided to eat a bowl of cottage cheese instead of sugary sweetened cereal.

Betsy Lord was tired of her children constantly asking her for food and she wanted them to eat healthy and gain independence. So, along with the help of her sister Molly Anderson, she created Snaxx. They marketed the product and started the company, Mini Bean, LLC. This adorable recipe box divides food into three groups, fruits and veggies, grains and nuts, and dairy. Each card has a colorful image of a food. Interesting facts are listed on the backside of each card. For example, on the blueberry card it states, “Blueberries contain more antioxidants than most fruits and also have vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. During American colonial times, blueberries were used to make gray and blue paint.”

The Snaxx box also includes three time cards. You and your kids can take a crayon and write in the desired times for snacking on the cards. It can be erased later with a damp cloth. Once the times are chosen you can then have your child match the snack times with a real clock and pick a snack card during that time. My kids love learning about the facts on the cards. Using the Snaxx box is a great way to get them involved in choosing their snacks.

You can purchase the Snaxx box directly from Mini Bean, LLC or enter for a chance to win it by leaving us a comment.

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