In Need of Prayers and Support

I am reaching out for help from my friends I met through the blogosphere. If you have been following my blog for a while you may already know that my family has been hit very hard from the housing crisis and the economy. If you haven’t been following my personal story I will share it with you briefly.

Shortly after I started Healthy Moms in 2007 my husband had to leave his job. A few months later we lost our home in Wisconsin to foreclosure. I left my friends, family, and my whole world in Wisconsin to move out to Sacramento California where my husband’s family lives. We moved into a tiny three bedroom house in a poverty stricken, high crime neighborhood. Our home is rent free because it belongs to my husband’s grandmother.

My husband was out of work for about a year. Finally a few months ago he took a new job with Dish Network. He’s been trying for years to get that job and for once we thought there was hope for us. Today Dish Network announced that they are closing offices all across the country next month. They are only leaving four offices open in the US. Chris’ last day is November 13. Yes, Friday the 13th.

The job market out here in California is not pretty. But he is going to try his best to find work. In the meantime I need to bust my butt with Healthy Moms and make a decent living for my family, but I need your help.

If you believe that health and wellness is important and we need to teach our children about diet, exercise, nutrition and healthy living then please help me. If you believe that we need to take care of ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually not only for ourselves but for our children, then please help me. This is the philosophy of Healthy Moms and the reason why I started this website. I need your help to spread our message. I have big dreams for this website but I need your help.

Please share our link with your friends. Blog about our site. Help me to reach over 1000 subscribers. Help me to get over 1000 unique visitors per day. That is all I need, along with the prayers for my family.

My blog is going to be the only source of income for my family and I am scared to death.

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