Relax and Heal With a Beautiful Crystal Singing Bowl

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The sound of singing bowls is believed to aid in relaxation and have healing properties. Thousands of years ago Buddhists used singing bowls to help balance their Chakras. These are eight points on the body beginning on the top of the head and going in a strait line all the way to the mid section. Each Chakra is represented by a musical note.

Today doctors still use this ancient art of healing. Crystal Singing Bowls are made of quartz and are capable of producing pure solid tones. These bowls come in a variety of sizes. The large bowls produce a lower pitch and reverberate a lot longer.

Silver Sky Imports has a wide selection of beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls. Each of their bowls include a rubber o-ring which you can use as a stand to display the bowl. They also come with a soft suede striker. The smooth tones produced by these beautiful bowls will help heal your ailments and are great for relaxation.

If you are serious about relaxation and meditation Silver Sky Imports also has a wonderful selection of gongs. These gongs are just like the ones used in Buddhist temples and they produce deep beautiful tones. They will enhance any collection.

Using singing bowls and gongs help with your body’s natural healing process and serve as great relaxation tools.

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Relax and Heal With a Beautiful Crystal Singing Bowl
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