Shape Up Your Backside With David Kirsch’s Butt Book

Health and fitness expert, David Kirsch along with illustrator Steve Wacksman have come out with a creative and detailed resource that will help you get your butt toned. The Butt Book begins by outlining the four body types. Kirsch describes them as the “big all over or apple, the pear, the banana or ‘flat ass’, and the string bean or ‘boy bottoms.” He also states that each body type has different exercise and diet needs.

His exercises are creatively illustrated along with symbols for each body type. These simple routines range from lunges, to deadlifts and donkey kicks. Each of them are guaranteed to firm and sculpt your rear end.

Kirsch also explains how important it is to eat right and maintain a good cardio routine as well. Below is an excerpt from the book.

To those of you that load up for your cardio session with PDA’s, magazines, and the latest gossip rag- you know who you are- take note. As I say with my workouts, make them mindful and make them efficient and effective. The same is true for cardio. I want you to sweat. I want you to feel your butt engaged. I want you to feel every day that you’re pushing yourself to the limit and beyond. No less will do if you’re after the perfect butt.

Along with the exercises and keeping up a good cardio Kirsch also says that it is important to have a healthy diet if you want a sexy butt. He recommends that you eat most of your calories in the morning and include high protein snacks throughout the day.

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If you are ready to have a hot rear end and look sexy in your new bathing suit, David Kirsch will help you achieve your goals with his new book. David Kirsch’s Butt Book is available in all major book stores or you can order it online on his website.

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  • sheila , October 11, 2009

    VERY interesting! And weird because I just noticed the other day there's flab on my butt! ughhh. Never noticed it but there it is. I might just get this book. Thanks!

  • desjefkadjef , October 12, 2009

    I love the platypus walk. I am going to incorporate that into my next workout

    Desiree Richardson
    Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs

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