Abdominal Exercises For Pregnancy- What to Do and What Not to Do

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Pregnancy Exercise

This weekend I got a great question from a colleagues client. She is 6 months pregnant and wanted some abdominal exercises because her SEPARATION was bugging her. As pregnancy progresses rectus diastase is inevitable but there are ways to prevent early separation and have relative comfort. Managing this is the key.

What Not To Do

1. No Lumbar Flexion Exercises- that’s right crunches, mini crunches when pregnant are not good and can contribute to further abdominal separation. Lumbar flexion is obsolete anyways, the main function of abdominal muscles are to prevent rotation of the lumbar spine, not to flex the lumbar spine. Forward flexion should be initiated from the hips, like a waiters bow.

2. Reduce oblique exercises, as when they flex with a separation your muscle will pull towards the insertion or side of your torso, further widening your rectus diastase.

What To Do

1. Plank and plank variations for lumbar stabilization, not flexion.

2. Side Planks for stabilization of the small muscles in your lumbar spine called multifidi- do in reps not for a steady amount of time

3. Bilateral Back Extension – to use your abdominals as anti rotators, what they are meant to do.

All of these exercises are featured in the Baby Bump Pregnancy Fitness Program.

Have a great day and enjoy your pregnancy,

Jacqueline Gradish
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Abdominal Exercises For Pregnancy- What to Do and What Not to Do
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