Original Sprout: Worry Free Luxury for Your Hair and Skin

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I recently tried Inga Tritt’s all natural Original Sprout Miracle Detangler, Shampoo and Scrumptios Body Lotion. My three year old daughter loved how soft her hair felt after we washed it with the shampoo. I was also pleased with the light and refreshing fragrance. The detangler works great at getting out even the toughest snarls. My daughter’s long thin hair tends to get knotted pretty easily.

We also loved the smooth silky body lotion. I couldn’t get enough of it! The best part of Original Sprout products is that they are all natural and contain zero parabens, so I know I am not causing damage to my skin and hair or my child‘s.

Original Sprout products are:

  • Created by a master stylist and mother so they bridge the gap between safety and salon performance
  • Free of phthalates, phytoestrogens, soy, gluten, parabens, and propylene glycol with no added dioxanes or formaldehydes.
  • free of skin penetrators and photosensitizers.
  • Extracts are certified organic. The majority of ingredients are plant derived and from natural sources.
  • E.U. Directive Compliant with full label disclosure of ingredients.
  • Fragrances are made with naturally derived ingredients and are certified FREE of phthalates, lavender, tea tree, PG, DPG, paraebens, dioxanes, benzenes, formaldehydes, acetaldehydes, styrene, toluene, chlorobenzene and glycol ethers.
  • Products are vegetarian/vegan and biodegradable.

You can purchase Original Sprout products at Original Sprout.com or find them in your local grocery store, drug store or big box store. If you make a purchase online today use the code FIRST_ORDER_10-U at the checkout to get 10% off your first order.

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Original Sprout: Worry Free Luxury for Your Hair and Skin
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