What Does it Take to Have a Great Blog?

For two years now I have been asking myself these questions. We can do anything we want with our blogs but how do you make your blog stand out above all the rest? Are all the really great blogs the ones with the most followers and readers? How can you turn your blog from average to wow!? This article will answer all those questions.

Over the past couple of years I have seen new bloggers appear. I helped them promote themselves by spotlighting them and watched them grow. Many of these blogs have twice as many followers as I do today, some even more than that. I spent a lot of time watching my statistics and I even set goals for myself. I decided I wanted x amount of followers by the end of the year, have x amount of unique visitors per day, etc. I even invested into a SEO firm to help with my blog’s traffic.

Today I am asking myself this question, was all the heartache, time and money well spent? The answer is no. I will explain why.

First of all if you stress about your statistics like I did you will be wasting valuable time. I used to visit sitemeter dozens of times per day. Now I limit my visits to that site once a week. I could have used that time to improve my content. I haven’t reached the goals that I set for myself but I am not going to give up, nor stress out about it.

Secondly, don’t compare your blog to other blogs. I can’t stand competition. But as a blogger we run into it all the time. The same blogs get contacted by the same advertisers. Think about the last review that you wrote. Now do a google blog search from the past week on that item. You might be surprised at how many bloggers are writing about the same thing you just did. Have you ever compared your blog to those blogs? I have done just that and it only made me stress out even more.

Here’s another question to ponder. How many meme’s do you participate in during a given week? I have come across several blogs that are just a bunch of meme’s and nothing else. Is that what you want to read?

Now ask yourself this, how many giveaways do you host in a given week? I have also come across lots of blogs that only have giveaways and product reviews. Is that what you want to read?

I don’t participate in a lot of giveaways, although I know that they can be a lot of fun and it is a great way to get something for free. Healthy Moms does host giveaways but I want this blog to be much more than that.

When you sit down to write your next article ask yourself this, what do I want to read about today?

Content is more important than visitor count, comment count, subscribers and followers. You can spend hours and hours commenting on blogs in order to get comments and visits in return, or you can spend a couple of hours writing something worth reading and spend the rest of your day with your family or taking care of your house. It is all up to you.

From now on this online magazine is going to focus on our four main pillars, Parenting, Pregnancy, Health and Women’s Issues. We will still hold product reviews and giveaways but will only have two feature columns per week, Hooray for Giveaways on Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to take a look at our new network for moms.

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