A Humorous Story Review For Women About Santa’s Wife Interview

Women have a great range of humor and stories to tell to help express it. Recently, while at an online community for women, I read an article that is part of series which makes me laugh very heartily; the interviews Santa’s wife. Normally, when we are thinking of Santa’s wife, we imagine a soft and gentle woman; not in this article. Here we see a hard working, fierce, dare I even say, feminist Mrs. Claus come out of her shell. This is an excellent piece of humor for women that will make you laugh very heartily and have their husbands intrigued by the fierce wife of Santa. She openly puts down Santa when it comes to their work life: Santa is not as hard working as one would thinks it seems. What makes this better yet is that she talks of her more intimate relations with Santa. A priceless gem for women who enjoy humorous reading.

When you read the article, Santa is made out just to be a glorified delivery boy. Any time that there was a problem in the north pole, Mrs. Claus is the first to get on the problem. She seems to work very hard: she puts down protests between the elves and their bosses and regulates all the toy factories as well. Even though she may not be a real woman nor Santa a man, the humor for women in this is excellent. If she were a real woman, I believe many women would look up to her as a role model and also a feminist leader.

The most humorous part of this interview for any of the women out there tends to be when she talks about her sex life with her husband. You would think they like it soft and gentle: that doesn’t seem to be the case by any means. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a rough woman; she however certainly does enjoy a little role play every once in a while. She thinks that it helps her spice up her relationship with her husband in bed. Then again, if they were real, they would need some variety: they would have been together for an extremely long time. So some role play may occasionally be very fun.

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This type of humor for women can be silly, but it helps liven up the day from time to time. Even though the characters may not be real, we still like to have creative satire that could change our views of them, especially in the case of Santa’s wife. She is no longer a quiet old lady in the corner; she is fierce cougar waiting to pounce.

humor for women can sometimes be a little over the top, but I think it is a perfect blend in this interview.

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  • Holy , December 23, 2009

    Wow that was the perfect and the clear description of Santa's wife. i liked it very much and enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing this with us.Great idea of blog, would like to see more work from you.


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