Best Selling Games for Your Computer this Christmas

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When I have free time I enjoy playing online games. Computer games have evolved through the years from Space War in 1962 to simulation games like the popular Sims that we find in stores today.

The Sims, created by game designer Will Wright, simulates the daily activities of a group of people living in a household near the fictional SimCity. More than 6.3 million copies of this computer game have been sold world wide, making the Sims the most popular computer game of all time.
Another popular computer game is StarCraft. Blizzard Entertainment developed this military science fiction strategy game in for Microsoft Windows in 1998. Eleven million copies have been sold.

Simulation games are fun, but my favorite computer games are puzzle games like, Chuzzle and Bejeweled. I can spend hours matching up the jewels in Bejeweled and the little Cuzzle monsters are so cute!

If you are looking for another great puzzle game for Christmas, Jewel Quest is also very popular. The new third version of this game is challenging but still kid friendly. Just like Chuzzle and Bejewled, Jewel Quest III is very addicting.

Do you like to play computer games? What are some of your favorite computer games? What games are going to be wrapped and placed under your Christmas tree this year? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Best Selling Games for Your Computer this Christmas
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