Can I Have a Tall Glass of This?

A few months ago, a guy named David hooked me up with some free Vitalicious coffee.  It was good.  Not too long after that, he introduced the Hottie Hubby and I to Novelle’s Maqui Superberry

What is Maqui?  Have you ever heard of Noni Juice?  Well, Maqui Superberry is like Noni Juice, but supposedly better.  From what I have read it is what I would call a little wonder berry!

Seeing as though the Hottie Hubby and I are would you would call a little natural or “granola,” we have been seeking alternative solutions for combating, alleviating, and thwarting the symptoms and aggravations caused by his early onset psoriatic arthritis

Becoming “arthritic-man” at such a young age (30) took my husband and myself by surprise.  My husband has always been active–having played football well into college, followed by running, biking, and backpacking  post college.  In addition to being fit, he ate reasonably well prior to his relatively recent whole foods knowledge, avoiding many processed food even in his teenage years.  

David sparked my interest when he mentioned that Novelle’s Maqui Superberry aided in decreasing symptoms caused by arthritis.  Additionally, because the product would be provided and shipped to us for free I was hooked.  But the final clincher that grew in me a belief that the medicinal properties of this drink could be significant was the fact that one of my favorite whole foods authors, Jordan Rubin, began carrying it at his online store . . . I grew more trustful of trying this whole food touting miraculous benefits from ingesting. 

What is this Maqui Superberry? I haven’t seen the actual berry, but the juice is a deeply purpled liquid. It tastes like blueberry/cranberry juice.   This berry comes from Chile.  The superfruit grows in an area where the Mapuche Indians live and harvest this nutritious food.  It is claimed or inferred that by drinking Maqui the Mapuche Indians have remained an unconquered people group for generations. 

Traditionally, the Mapuche Indians ingested Maqui because they noticed that it appeared to support stamina, increased their strength, and promoted a healthy immune system.  Scientifically, the Maqui Superberry does have the potential to accomplish or aide the body in accomplishing these much desired bodily attributes. 

The Maqui Superberry drink has been tested and found to have an ORAC value of 4396.  What does this number mean?  ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.  The ORAC number is a measurement that shows the antioxidant capacity of different foods. 

What then is an antioxidant?  Well, you want to eat a diet high in antioxidants because they are believed to play a role in the free-radical theory of aging.  In short, antioxidants help the body to prevent cell damage.  If you don’t have viable antioxidants available in your body, then your body is not able to fight free-radicals, which are atoms with an unpaired electron desperately seeking stability by becoming married to an electron.  In an attempt to achieve stability, the atom will steal, kill and destroy to get its electron, which means cell damage in your body.  Once the process of stealing electrons starts, it can become a snowball effect.   The older you get the more damaged cells can accumulate in your body, which would seem to me . . . a bad thing.

At 1 tablespoon a day Novelle’s Organic Maqui Superberry provides:

  • the highest antioxidant value (compared to products such as Noni Juice, Acai, POM Juice, and Goji)
  • supports healthy inflammatory function
  • aides in a strong immune system
  • protests cells from oxidative stress
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • supports cardiovascular health
  • and is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Potassium

My conclusion:  This stuff tasted great.  I wanted to have a tall glass of Maqui Superberry over ice.  Now the Hottie Hubby was not in agrement with me regarding taste.  I can’t say that we saw signifigant health benefits from drinking Maqui. 

However, I don’t question the fact that it could be VERY beneficial to other individuals, especially those who don’t practice a whole foods lifestyle like the Hottie Hubby and I do.  If you have had success with Noni Juice, I think that Maqui Superberry might be a better choice. 

It’s now your turn to do the research.  I’ve given you my very LAYWOMAN opinion and I welcome your thoughts and further explanations regarding ORAC values, antioxidants, free-radical, and superberry drinks.

Thanks for reading!

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