Creating a Peaceful Sleeping Environment For Your Baby

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. In the first weeks and months of their lives your new baby will spend most of their days and if you’re really lucky some of the nights sleeping. When I was pregnant with my son I dreamed of creating the perfect space and atmosphere for him to sleep. The nursery would be his space and I was determined to make it warm and comfortable for him.

When it comes to baby bedding, ideally, you should have at least two sets of crib bedding because you are going to be tired and with limited energy and it’s just easier to change out the crib set and do laundry later when you have time rather than having to wait while you launder the baby bedding. My son has slept in his crib since he was two weeks old and let me tell you how many times I have been saved by having a back up crib set, to many times to count.

Once your newborn baby has arrived you will undoubtedly notice the many changes in your life style. You may need to learn to survive with little to no sleep, you will want and do whatever necessary to ensure that your baby gets what he or she needs. You will find that your priorities have changed in many ways. When I had my son all I could think about was making sure he has good nutrition, a loving touch, dry clean skin and a fresh set of sheets in his crib. I often wonder what a baby sees when they look at their baby bedding.

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There are so many shapes, colors and patterns to choose from. I believe that the colors, designs, moods of crib bedding can contribute to a babies sleep. Changing your nursery color schemes often can give your baby fresh sights and shapes to ponder as he or she lay in and out of sleep. When your baby grows out of the crib, the baby bedding can be used on a toddler bed, handed down, kept for your next bundle of love or even donated to a local charity organization.


None of us can remember being a baby and sleeping all day. Once your baby is born, your sleep will take a back burner and honestly it won’t matter when your little one looks at you and smiles and coos, take it from another mom, there is nothing like it at all.

I believe by picking the right baby bedding and creating a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby he or she will sleep better. Be sure to customize your idea of perfect patterns, colors, styles. Make a theme and don’t be afraid to have several sets you’ll be thankful later, trust me on that.

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