Got Young Kids and You Need to Wrap Presents?

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Perhaps you don’t have a dehydrator that you can borrow from you mom.

But you do have a young child.

Let me recommend an excellent and time consuming activity while you wrap your presents.

Have your child feed the birds by using up your overly ripe fruit to produce a fragrant and edible garland for a tree outside. Better yet, use the hand crafted bird food to reenact the book Night Tree, that I featured for If You Give a Mom a Book.

A word of caution:  you have to trust your young pupil with a sharp object for this resourceful project.

Pop some popcorn and cut up apples, orange peels, cranberries, and pears. Thread a needle, leaving a long piece of string for the fruit to slide down.

lots of December stuff 003

Add a willing and excited child.

lots of December stuff 004

Monitor cute child out of the corner of your eye while you do your quiet time.  (Not that I did any such thing.)

lots of December stuff 007

Admire how amazing your child is.  God did such a good job.  Ahh . . . moments like this are priceless.

lots of December stuff 006

Voila!   Ohhhh and ahhhhhh over his fine accomplishment that you ended up finishing!

lots of December stuff 010

lots of December stuff 011 
Hang it up outside!

Begin your watch for critters!

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Got Young Kids and You Need to Wrap Presents?
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