Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway | Ending Female Pain

On the eleventh day of Christmas my friends at Healthy Moms gave to me… the Book Ending Female Pain by Isa Herrera.

According to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics approximately 1 million women in the US have C-Sections each year and many of them do not know how to take care of their scars and prevent the painful life-affecting complications.

Researchers estimate that 12-20% of all women have chronic pelvic pain and up to 30% of women will have pelvic, sexual or abdominal pain during their lifetime. Most of these women will not seek out treatment for their pain. In a recent interview with author and physical therapist Isa Herrera I learned why these statistics are so high and what women can do if they are suffering from chronic pelvic or sexual pain.

Herrera believes that these statistics are so high for several different reasons. When you are expecting a baby your muscles are placed under a tremendous amount of stress. A lot of women also experience tears after having episiotomies. Muscles also get stressed out during labor and delivery and hospitals do not offer enough recovery time. Your laboring position can also have an effect on your back muscles and result in pain. Herrera also thinks that doctors are not educated enough on how labor and delivery can lead to complications like pelvic and sexual pain.

Isa Herrera owns and operates Renew Physical Therapy, a healing center in New York City. At her center she treats a lot of new moms. In her prenatal class she discovered that these moms had a lot of questions that she just could not answer. After getting her masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College and having a baby herself she had a better understanding of what these women were going through. In her office she helps women find relief from conditions such as dyspareunia, incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and pre and post-natal complications. She wrote, Ending Female Pain with the hopes of broadening her audience.

A lot of women are afraid to discuss pelvic and sexual pain with their doctors. Herrera explains the reasoning behind this, “We are used to having pain. This is a normal process. Many women think that leaking while coughing or laughing is normal. There is nothing you can do about it. That culture sticks in their brain. As women we don’t bring it up.”

Most women that visit Herrera’s office experience post partum pain from a perineal tear, pain in the pelvic area, incontinence or they feel pressure in their pelvis. If your muscles are weak from giving birth it can feel very uncomfortable.

Chronic lower back pain is also a very common post partum complication. Chapter ten explains how massage can help ease lower back pain.

“Many of the women I treat with pelvic pain also suffer from lower back pain. These two conditions go hand in hand. Massaging the lower back is important to help release tension and trigger points in this region.”

Herrera also suggests that women suffering from lower back pain should use a post partum belt , especially if they are lifting small children throughout the day.

If you believe you are suffering painful complications after giving birth you are not alone. Ending Female Pain, a Woman’s Manual: Ultimate Self-help Guide for Women Suffering from Chronic Pelvic and Sexual Pain is designed for women just like you. You can purchase it at Alibris: Over 100 million books, music, & movies. 10,000 independent sellers. Your marketplace. for only $26.15 or enter for a chance to win a copy by leaving us a comment.

*Disclosure per new FTC Guidelines. I received a copy of the book, Ending Female Pain, A Woman‘s Manual, from Isa Herrera in exchange for this review. All opinions are true and 100% mine.

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