Happy Birthday My Pretty, Pretty Princess

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Dear Ciara,

I can not believe that it was four years ago today. I remember it just like yesterday. I remember the long ride to the hospital. You were eager to enter the world and arrived just two hours after I got there.

Weighing exactly 6lbs you were my tiny little cuddle bug. Your sister was so excited when she found out you were a girl.


Your first year flew by way too fast. I watched you grow, roll all over the floor, learn to crawl, pull yourself up and circle around the coffee table.


Before you turned two you became a big sister. You loved your little brother from the beginning and learned how to share and play nicely with him.

You are so smart and learned all your letters and numbers by the time you turned three.

I love watching you dance and sing all the songs you learn at preschool. You are my little entertainer and bring so much joy to my life.


I hope you have the best birthday. You will always be my little girl and my pretty pretty Princess. I love you!


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Happy Birthday My Pretty, Pretty Princess
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