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How can a mother raise 10 children on a limited income while living on a vineyard in Texas? This week I interviewed Dina-Marie Oswald from Dimes 2 Vines, where she blogs about her life as a homeschooling mother of 10. Scroll down for my exclusive interview with Dina-Marie.


HM: Where are you from?
Dina-Marie: I was born and raised in Ga. My husband and I lived in Alabama for 20 yrs except for a 4yr transfer to Switzerland with his chemical company (i.e. vacation!). Two years ago, we moved our family (8 children still at home)to west TX to start a vineyard.

HM:When did you start blogging?
Dina-Marie: October 2009

HM:Why do you blog?
Dina-Marie: I started Dimes2Vines after several friends wanted to know how and why I do certain things. Examples include: How we live on such a limited income? (We have been living off what was left of savings after buying the land and vines for our vineyard since our house in AL has not sold yet.) How I coupon and get “free stuff”? Why I homeschool? Why do you have a milk cow and chickens?

HM:What is your blog about?
Dina-Marie: Dimes2Vines is about my adventures from carefree to mom of 10 children, our family’s move from the secure life we had built in AL (having a paycheck) to the exciting life of starting a vineyard in west TX (no paycheck yet!), couponing, chickens, cows, cheesemaking and …. (read more)

HM:What are your ultimate goals for your blog?
Dina-Marie: My goals for Dimes2Vines is to help others. Whether that is learning new ways to be frugal or to encourage them in whatever situation they are in. To my surprise, I have benefited maybe more than anyone, because in the process of writing about what we do and why we do it, I have been reminded why we ARE doing all this!

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HM: What do you want your readers to get out of your blog?

Dina-Marie: I want people to be encouraged when they read Dimes2Vines and to have some laughs.

HM: What do you do to get your readers to keep coming back?
Dina-Marie: I have told some of our family history and my frugal learning process. I want people to be able to identify with us as a family, working together for a family goal and want to know more. I hope my blogging will be both interesting and entertaining enough to keep readers coming back.

HM: Do you have any favorite blogs or any blogs that you read regularly?
Dina-Marie: Yes. There are so many good ones that it is really difficult to single out just a few! Some of the ones I read include The Suburban Jungle, Life as Mom and My Four Monkeys. My favorite coupon sites include Hip2Save and DealSeekingMom.

HM: Do you have any advice for other bloggers?
Dina-Marie: As a newbie I hesitate to give any advice as I feel I know so little! I can say that as a blog reader, content, good content, keeps me coming back.

HM:What is one thing that I did not cover in these set of questions?Dina-Marie: I think you have about covered it.

A Little About Myself: I have been married to the same man for 25 yrs. and am the mother of 10 children (24yrs-13mths). We have 2 grandchildren – both older than our youngest child! I was pregnant at the same time as my daughter-in-law, sorta like Father of the Bride 2 all over again except without France!
Our second son lives in El Paso, TX and the remaining 8 are at home. I have home educated the children from K until college level.

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You can visit Dina-Marie at Dimes 2 Vines.

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