Take Care of Yourself and the Earth with All Natural Products from Eco Store

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner and the Lemon Cream Cleanser from the Eco Store. Eco Store makes a variety of different products from bath products, household cleansers and baby care products.

All of their products are made from natural ingreadients and do not contain “nasty Chemicals™” According to their website,

“Of course ecostore products do contain chemicals – after all even water is a chemical. We just do everything we can to eliminate the nasty ones. Here’s a list of some of the chemicals we avoid and why.

NO toxic petrochemicals

overexposure to petrochemicals can contribute to health problems like skin irritations, eczema, allergies, weakened immune system (children with developing immune systems can be even more susceptible), chronic fatigue, endocrine system upsets and even cancer
many petrochemicals persist in the environment and do not biodegrade
petrochemicals are an unsustainable, non renewable resource

No Enzymes

Synthetic enzymes are widely used in laundry products.
They are effective at breaking down proteins and fat stains on clothes.
Using enzymes means you can wash in cold water and you don’t need as many harsh chemicals.
We believe the downside of using synthetic enzymes in laundry products is more significant.
If residual enzymes are trapped in your clothing/sheets/underwear they are up against your skin day and night.
They can be reactivated by sweat and moisture – and start doing the job they were designed for – removing fats/protein – on your skin and potentially causing allergic reactions or other health complications.

NO Optical Whiteners

These make clothes appear whiter and brighter by absorbing UV light and reflecting to make whites appear bluer.
In order to work they need to stay in your clothes after washing.
ecostore does not use optical whiteners because we believe they can cause an allergic reaction with your skin when exposed to sunlight.
They also do not readily biodegrade and are toxic to aquatic life.

NO synthetic perfumes or dyes

Dyes are generally used to make a product look more appealing.
Perfumes are added to disguise odours and to impart a pleasant scent.
In 99% of instances the colours and perfumes are not functional.
We don’t use these ingredients as they are a common trigger for those who are chemically sensitive.
They are almost always made from petroleum.
They do not readily biodegrade and are toxic to fish and mammals.
We use ingredients like lemon verbena in our cream cleanser or certified organic Eucalyptus oil in our laundry liquid and wool wash – as it not only gives a fresh clean smell to your clothes it is also an active ingredient.

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

SLS is a surfactant which is widely used in cleaning detergents and body care products, including toothpaste, shampoo, flowing soaps and shower gels and dishwashing liquid.
It imparts foam and viscosity; it’s also a strong detergent to remove soiling. It strips oils and fats efficiently.
We do not use this ingredient in our products because we believe that if SLS is absorbed through the skin then penetration can include systemic tissues such as the brain, heart, spleen and liver.
SLS in your hair products could be increasing the rate of skin absorption of other chemicals used – like detergents, preservatives, fragrances and colour additives

NO Phosphates*

These stimulate excessive growth of plants and algae in our waterways
Phosphates can build up and endanger aquatic life

*Analytical analysis may sometimes reveal minute traces of phosphates in some of our products. We never add phosphates but some of the raw materials used in production can contain very low levels of phosphates.
During the processing of certain raw materials by our suppliers, phosphates are used to aid production i.e. soften water. Unfortunately some phosphate is then chemically bound into the final product, which is then supplied to our factory as a raw material. For example when using our laundry powder there may be a tracel amount of phosphate present during the wash cycle. This would be no more than approximately 0.1 grams which is significantly lower than many leading supermarket brands.
Even though we have very low levels of detectable phosphate, we are always reviewing ingredient options with the aim of eliminating the phosphate content.”

Like most moms I only want the best for my children. Many of the chemicals listed above can cause health problems including skin irritations and eczema.

Sometimes household products using all natural ingredients don’t work very well and require a lot of elbow grease. Eco Store products work just as well as the popular name brand cleaners that you find on department store shelves. I did not have to use a rough and scratchy sponge in order to get the scuffs out of my kitchen sink. After using the spray cleaner my kids’ lunch messes and fingerprints were removed effortlessly. It also left a pleasant but not overpowering smell.

Healthy Moms stands by the eco store products and recommends that all families give them a try. They are safe for your family and environmentally friendly.

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