Wordless Wednesday | The Dog Cage

Don’t you wish we could keep kids like this?

*Please note he climbed in there himself. The cage was not locked and he was fully capable of getting out on his own. He was only in the cage for about five minutes.


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  • Sue , January 13, 2010

    That does look like a good place to keep the kids – lol. Looks like he was having fun and curious about trying out the cage.

    Happy WW!

  • Kristie , January 13, 2010

    My kids love climbing into the dog cages too…and I've wished that I could keep them there at times too! LOL!

  • sheila , January 13, 2010

    lol, isn't it funny how in this day and age we have to put disclaimers up for something so innocent?

  • sunnymama , January 13, 2010

    Cardboard boxes, cages, all good fun to sit in! Happy WW 🙂

  • maryanne @ mama smiles , January 13, 2010

    I'm sure he enjoyed exploring the cage – Happy Wordless Wednesday =)

  • Diana - FreeStyleMama , January 13, 2010

    BTDT! LOL!

  • Brandy , January 13, 2010

    When we had our puppy our kids did the same thing, loved that cage!! LOL

    Happy WW!

  • blueviolet , January 13, 2010

    Does any pet really live in there because the cage is so clean?!!

    I don't think any child could resist climbing in there!

  • Cassie , January 13, 2010

    This seriously made me laugh out loud!

  • The Jacobsen Family! , January 13, 2010

    LOL!! We don't have one of those for our dogs, but I am sure if we did it would become a “fort” for the kids! =)

  • Whimsical Creations , January 13, 2010

    LOL…some days I do!

  • Ayie , January 13, 2010

    kids just love to explore, good thing you explained it clearly or else some people might react violently thus you receiving some negative remarks! lol

    happy WW!

  • Staci , January 14, 2010

    Too funny! It amazes me what kids get in to sometimes!

  • Brooke , January 14, 2010

    Yeah why are dog cages so interesting to kids.. lol Lil Kiwi loves to go visit the dogs.
    Cute photo btw..

  • Buckeroomama , January 14, 2010

    LOL! I'm laughing more at what you wrote to clarify that you didn't put him there. 🙂

  • Tina , January 14, 2010

    lol i love the disclaimer. you never know what comments you can get these days though!!

    Can i buy it off you for my kids?? !! 😛

    Tina from
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ

  • Simply Being Mommy , January 14, 2010

    Hee hee! My youngest sometimes crawls in our dog kennel too.

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) , January 14, 2010

    That is funny. My son used to sit in the dog's bed and pretend he was a puppy. I drew the line with letting him play with the dog toys though! Ha!

  • Maria @ Conversations with Moms , January 15, 2010

    That is so funny. Kids are so curious. I'm glad you explained the picture though. LOL.

  • Kelly , January 15, 2010

    My kids used to crawl into ours all the time too!! Part of their “i am a doggy” playtime! Have a great weekend!

  • Lucy postpartumillness.com , January 15, 2010

    It wouldnt work to my benefit. They would love it and play in there all day. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jenni Jiggety , January 15, 2010

    LOL! It would be so much easier to corral them…

  • Andrea-Memories As A Mom , January 18, 2010

    Haha! Logan likes dog cages, too!

    Thank you for the comment on my post about the Dr Sears book, yeah I just can't get enough of their books!

    Hope you have a great week!

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