Attending a Blog Conference can Help You Earn More Money with Your Mom Blog

I have been blogging for nearly 3 years now but have never attended a conference. I either was pregnant or did not have enough money to invest in one. After reading and researching blog conferences I’ve learned that I must attend at least one a year in order to reach the goals that I have set for this blog.

Mom bloggers are always looking for ways to make more money with their blog. But we have to invest money in order to make it. Attending a conference will help you to network with other bloggers and advertisers. Conferences will also help you to reach a broader audience and the classes that they offer are pretty cool!

Jennifer James from Mom Bloggers Club wrote an excellent article on her blog about how these conferences can benefit us. In, “Want to Make Money on Your Mom Blog? Attend a Conference,” she states, “

What You Get From Conferences

While blogger conferences are a spectacular opportunity to meet fellow mom bloggers in real life, conferences are much, much more than that. If you want to earn money on your blog, you must take time to learn the most about your craft as possible. In-depth workshops and well-moderated panels will open your eyes to a plethora of innovative ideas and methods to make your blog successful. Conferences give you an opportunity to learn from the best in their field.”

This is exactly what I need.

I live on the west coast so when I found out that BlogHer2010 was going to be out in NYC I thought that I probably will not be able to attend. I researched blogging conferences closer to home, just in case I am correct.

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When I came across BlogWorld I knew that this is the conference that every blogger must attend. This conference has over 200 speakers and presenters, is the largest and original blog conference and covers every niche and blogging topic that you can think of. Blog World takes place in Las Vegas on Oct. 14-16. They also have several different packages ranging in price from $1,000+ to under $100. After discussing this with my husband we have decided that I will attend this conference and we may even drive out there. Driving will cut down some of our expenses. He also likes the idea that it is in Vegas because then while I am attending the classes and presentations he can go to the casinos. He would probably get lost or board in NYC.

I also discovered this cool little conference just for health bloggers out in Baltimore. Fit Bloggin2010 is a one day event on March 20. I would love to attend this one as well, but I think it is a little late to plan and purchase the tickets for this event. Also, the plane ticket out there might cost a little too much to be worth a day trip. Maybe next year I will attend.

If you are looking for conferences in your area visit Mom Bloggers Club for a complete list.

Are you planning on attending a conference? If so what conference or conferences are you going to? Have you attended them in the past? How have conferences helped you with your blog? I am very interested in reading your feedback on this topic!

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  • Momisodes , February 5, 2010

    Those sound like great conferences.
    I have attended a few blogging conferences in the past 2 years, mostly BlogHer. Unfortunately, spending the money to attend their conferences did not help or guide me in any way towards earning more money with my blog. It was much more of a social event.

  • blueviolet , February 5, 2010

    I've just been to one conference so far with BlogHer on my agenda for this year as well.

  • Anne , February 5, 2010

    I am going to attend BlogHer in August and am sorry to hear that you wont be there. I live on the east coast so BlogHer in NYC is not hard for me to reach.

  • Lucy , February 10, 2010

    We were just discussing this at another site. The west coast bloggers get no love:) I cant wait until the Vegas event. Its only 4 hours away and my hubby will love to go too.

  • Cascia , February 10, 2010

    Lucy, great point. What website was that? I would love to comment and read what other's are saying. Where do you live? I think Vegas is a five or six hour drive from here.

  • ~SHANNON~ , April 13, 2010

    Actually I think Blogher was on the West Coast two years ago when they were in San Francisco,no?

    Anyway- not sure how a conference could help a blog make money- but it does sound fun! I am going to BlogHer in August. And having lived in NYC for many years before TX- I can tell you it is literally impossible to be bored there:)

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