Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl

Dear Courtney,

Yesterday you were a girl today you are a young lady. I can not believe that I am now a mother of a teenager. Where did the last 13 years go?

I remember taking walks with you in the stroller. You were a cute and loving baby. When you turned two you challenged me with your spirit and strong will. At age three we officially began our life together. I remember taking you to play dates with your Head Start friends. When the weather was nice we played at the park. You loved the “Barney” dinosaur bouncy toy.

By the time you turned five we had welcomed your father into our lives. You both hit it off right away. I remember your first day of Kindergarten. You were so excited to meet new friends. But I was sad because I started to watch my little girl grow up.

Grade school flew by way too quickly. You met new friends. Started karate and blossomed. Today you are in the seventh grade, are preparing for your second degree black belt and starting softball. This is the beginning of a new chapter for you.

You are my world and always will be. I love you. Have a wonderful Birthday.


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