New Site Helps Parents Meet Local Friends in-person

More than 100 million parents have made New Year’s resolutions this year. Four out of five have already quit their resolutions due to burnout and stress. Have you continued with your resolution? Or did you give up already? is a new website designed for tired, burned out parents. Parents can create a profile page for free and include their photo, age, geographic location, activity preferences and include details on what makes a good friend or activity partner. Parents can then search for new friends locally who enjoy similar activities. After looking for friends, parents can communicate with their selected new friends for free- all while maintaining their privacy by communicating through‘s private messaging system.

Below is a list of some of the activities parents can chose from.

* Mom’s/Dad’s night out without the kids
* Play dates (parents and children)
* Shopping
* Cooking
* Yoga or gym partner
* Outdoor activities
* Dining Out
* Sports/Theater/Movies/Museum
* Craft Making
* Happy Hour/Wine Tastings

“I like how merges the ‘strictly platonic’ section of Craigslist with the user profile and search capabilities typically found on a dating websites such a,” said Lana age 34, a resident of San Francisco and new Love Dignity user. “ merges the best elements from other social networking websites creating a free, easy-to-use website specifically designed for making new friends that are platonic and share my own interests – which will be helpful as I try to keep my New Year’s Resolution of walking outdoors at least three days a week. I know I’ll stay with it longer if I have a new friend joining me.”

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