Conan’s Adventure

I went on an adventure on Sunday. Here is my story, from a two-year-old’s perspective.

After we got home from church I was very tired. Mommy and Daddy said it would be alright if I laid down and went to sleep on the floor. I do this all the time. The carpet is soft and my blanket was close to me.

When Mommy scooped me up off of the floor I could hear her calling out, “Conan, Conan can you here me? Conan? It’s Mommy.” I tried so hard to speak but I could only make silly sounds. I couldn’t get the words to come out.

When I finally saw Mommy’s face she handed me over to this strange man. Another man was talking to Mommy and writing things down. The strange people carried me into this scary looking van. They said we were going for a ride and everything was going to be alright. I just wanted my mommy.

I was held down and couldn’t move. Where was mommy!

They carried me into this large strange building full of strange people. A nice lady with blond hair just like me held me and said I would be okay.

The strangers attached stickers all over my body. I thought the smiley faces were funny. They moved me to another room where they stuck things onto the stickers. I was so scared. I wanted my mommy.

When it was all over the blond lady held me again. I decided to go to sleep.

Then Mommy came and she had my blanket! I was so happy!

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The blond lady and Mommy took me into another strange room. They placed me on a table that moved. My head was stuck inside this strange machine. I wanted to look around but they wouldn’t let me. Another lady put a sticker above my head for me to look at. I was still scared.

Mommy took me into the room where my cars shoes were. I decided to sleep.

Then the blond lady and her friend came in and they gave me a big owie. They said that they had to give me the owie in order to help me. That was confusing. I decided to go back to sleep.

Mommy, Daddy, Ciara and the baby visited me in my room. I wanted them to stay but Daddy, Ciara and the baby left.

Mommy wanted me to go pee, pee but I just wanted my potty chair. Where was my potty chair? The blond lady said they didn’t have potties there. This was confusing. I just wanted to go home and use my potty.

A nice man came in and gave me some water to drink. I sat on Daddy’s lap and drank the water. When daddy left I threw up. I just wanted to go home.

Mommy kept on asking me if I went pee pee yet. I was too scared to do that.

The blond lady and her friend came back and mommy left with the baby and Ciara. The blond lady hurt me. She stuck this thing up me and it took the pee, pee out. It hurt! I was so mad.

When mommy came back I went to sleep.

A nice lady came in and took my owie away. Mommy put my clothes on me and said we were leaving. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I was so happy when we left that scary place. Mommy and Daddy said that I went on an adventure.

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