Fitness Magazine Helps Brides Get Fit

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For many women, their wedding day is one of the of the most important events in their life. To help with this momentous occasion has developed a six-week fitness boot camp perfectly timed for spring and early summer brides.

The highlights of the program are:

Bridal boot camp workout videos – everything from specific toning exercises, such as the balance arm curl, to nutrition tips. Most of them about one minute in length

Extra moves for specific dress types – targeted workouts for brides with strapless, backless, form-fitting, or short styles.

Finally, because brides tend to be extremely busy, has created a 20-minute circuit workout for buff brides. Between dealing with caterers, booking the florist and attending dress fittings, now any bride will be able to fit in cardio, strength training, and interval training in just over two hours a week.

Brides-to-be may want to sign up for the bridal boot camp newsletter that includes workout routines, nutrition tips, weight-loss plans and more.

All the best in health and fitness!
– Coach Jenn of and Team Beachbody

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Fitness Magazine Helps Brides Get Fit
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